Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 22: pondering the masochistic urge

Aiming to do an average of about 20,000 steps a day is starting to look like one of my not so clever ideas. It's the sheer amount if of your time it takes to squeeze them in. I'm currently at 22,000 at 7pm. I clockes a couple ks before work by parking far away, walked at lunchtime as well as adding some more on a site visit in the afternoon. Walked the long way to my car. Then on getting home going for a 4.7 mile run. My knee hurts, as do my feet.

I do sometimes wonder why I do this. Today I also signed up for next year's Tough Mudder. It will be my 3rd. Hopefully I'll do it without a fractured elbow (unlike last year). The training will be hard. My upper body strength still sucks after many promises to myself I'll get better. But yet I'm determined to do it. I get lots of satisfaction from achieving physical challenges and they are hard as I'm lazy and like partying too much. But I guess it's all about balance. I just need to tip it a little more to the healthier side :)
Run distance :4.7 miles
Time : 48 mins
Tough Mudders signed up for :1

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Day 21: don't trust that bastard weather forecast

It warned about rain yes but that rain was supposed to come in the afternoon not after 8pm in the evening. Good when I'm out walking!

But to be honest I rather enjoyed being out with the thunder and lightning going on around me and I had my huge umbrella to keep the worst off :)

After my cycling and running yesterday I wanted my legs to recover a but but I have still managed to clock over 20,000 steps today.
At this point in the pics below the rain was bouncing off the ground... Didn't stop the footballers though. This is the meadows, and in the sunshine this empty area of grass would be heaving

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Day 20: Double Whammy

To make up for the fact I missed a few days last week I'm punishing myself by doing extra exercise this week!

Having a bonus day of summery weather I cycled to work, walked at lunchtime (in uncomfortable shoes as my trainers had been taken hostage by a rogue cleaner who locked them in the changing rooms) and then cycled home a long route.

THEN, I went for a run. The run wasn't very fast as I was tired and hungry.

Not bad for a Tuesday.
Distance cycle : 12 miles
Run: 3.5 miles

Monday, 19 June 2017

Day 19: oops, I appear to have missed a few days

I'm blaming illness, my friends and the brief appearance of summer for my week long absence from Juneathon.

My cold pretty much sucked my energy last week and over the weekend I got distracted by friend dragging me to the pub, pride celebrations in the meadows and a birthday party for my terrible slacking. Though I did alot of walking on Friday - over 24,000 steps.

Though I'm back on track this week. I've set myself a target of averaging 19,500 steps a day for the next stage of my Global Challenge so will need to be more disciplined.

May actually look at a proper training plan to really kick start my running off again!

Steps today :19,700
Juneathon days missed:7!

Monday, 12 June 2017

Day 12: unseasonal illnesses and angry housework

It's June and I have a cold. How utterly unfair. And during Juneathon too! So stuffed up with a sore throat my main exercise has been my walk to work, a lunchtime walk to get painkillers and tissues and an impromptu evening walk cause it looked sunny but was actually quite cold thanks to it being windy (again!).

There was also some angry housework. Angry due the the fact I had hoped that on hearing of my unfortunate state of I'll health, Ian would have taken pity on me and tidied up for me but on coming in from work I found him asleep on the couch in front of the computer. He had fallen asleep in the middle of playing a game! Cue much stomping around angrily putting out the recycling (was rather therapeutic jumping on boxes to flatten them!).
Here is a picture of the crags from the end of my walk... As you can see it looks nice enough but you can see the ever lurking rain clouds just creeping up on the unsuspecting tourists

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 11: Unsurprisingly, a lazy day

Yes, after all my socialising this weekend I have mainly spent today lying on the couch alternating reading a book (finishing 2 and starting 1 other), and dozing.

However, being Juneathon, I did take a break from being lazy to walk round Holyrood Park. Being Scotland in Summer it was very windy, sunny, warm, then cold and raining. I was treated to seeing 3 ladybirds (pictured), and a heron (not pictured as it was too far away for my crappy phone camera). I know ladybirds aren't that exotic but I like them and you really don't see them very much any more.
Oh, and I also did my plank that I should have done yesterday. Only managed about 20 seconds and sneaked into the bedroom to do it so I didn't look weird doing a random plank in front of Ian would has also been lazy and has done nothing but sleep and play computer games today. 

To the stats! 
Distance: 3.4 miles
Time: 50 mins 
Wildlife encountered : 3 ladybirds, 1 heron, lots of swans (as is usual in Holyrood Park ) and many gulls, pigeons and dogs (though they can't really be classed as 'wild' life) 

Day 10: late again but worth it

I'm a bit behind, but what a weekend. And no slacking despite there being no running or other more traditional exercises.
However between all the mad dancing to the brilliant beats supplied by some excellent friends (i pretty much didn't leave the dance floor for 4 hours!) and trekking from club to party to home I clocked up a pretty decent step count.

For it was the henstag do of 2 of my wonderful friends who are getting married in 2 weeks and we celebrated wholehearted at Studio 24 with aforementioned musical awesomeness. Here is a rubbish photo of the lovely couple :

Much partying was done with dancing continuing on at a friend's house. And treated to a beautiful pink sky as the sun was rising.

Today will no doubt be a much needed restful day.
Hours spent dancing : 4-6 at a guess
Alcohol units consumed: liver destroying amounts