Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 30: Posh houses and Rasberries

Its the last day so I had to blog even though I have been slacking a bit the last few days. As I am up at my folks cat sitting once again and working I tried to spread my steps over the day. It was yet another miserable day and couldn't be bothered running but still need to get my steps up after a pathetic day yesterday where I didn't even manage to get to 10,000!

So due to the wet conditions today's Junathon effort consisted of walking around the housing estates in Fairmilehead. There has been quite a lot of developments in the last 10 year or so. I haven't really looked at them properly but today as I needed to go do a long walk I decided to have a nose round them. My word! - so many big and posh houses! I'm not sure what people do with so much space. 5+ bedrooms just seems excessive (unless you intend to run a B&B or you have a particularly large family). Anyway, think of all the housework and cleaning!

I've also never liked how they all look very much the same and what is with the fashion for monoblock! And then there's all the cars - so many that some of these places had tarmaced over the grass for more parking space! And people wonder why we have issues with surface water flooding.
Here was one interesting place that had astroturf instead of actual grass...looked rather weird and more suited for a miniature golf place!

Anyway, as well as posh-house spotting I also spotted the first raspberries of the year. Isn't it a bit early for them? I know brambles come out towards the end of summer but not sure about raspberries. To be fair there weren't many of them ripe but I manage to grab a couple :)

So after all this posh house spotting and raspberry picking, I managed to get home before the rain came on yet again and have managed to get to 20,000!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Day 27: meh

You know those days where you just wish you could stay in bed... Yeah it was one of those. We are back to the energy sucking, grey wet weather and the news is  making me want to hide under the covers. I've been trying to keep my average step target up but today my friends I just have to say fuck it and get me a beer.

I did manage to do my usual walk from the car to the office and back but no lunchtime walk as the rain was literally bouncing off the pavement. I also walked to the shops but that was solely to get the aforementioned beer.

I do hope to be in a better frame of mind tomorrow but I can't promise anything, though I do have a wine tasting planned so that's nice tho maybe not so good for my exercise prospects...
Steps so far :13,893
Level of meh feeling :100%

Monday, 26 June 2017

Day 26: still in recovery

Most Mondays that aren't raining I should really be cycling to work yet I don't often manage it, mainly due to the fact I'm still recovering from the weekend. Today was no different. After all the activity over the last couple of days I got up feeling pretty stiff and entirely unprepared for the close to 5 mile, mainly uphill cycle to work so feeling the usual guilt I took the car. But I'm still parking it about half a mile away from work to get some walking in.

I also had my usual lunchtime saunter and being aware of my 19,500 average target for this section of my challenge I also walked to the supermarket for dinner stuff. I can smell the yummy smells of home made Thai red curry as I type!
Sadly I won't be cycling to work again tomorrow as the forecast is 'peeing rain' boo.
Step stats: 18,534 (somehow need to squeeze in 1000 more before bed!)
Had just came across some photos of Saturday night. This was from the last song. It was very hot and sweaty but wonderful

Day 24-25 Weddings, moshing and saying goodbye to Studio 24

As per usual my socialising gets in the way of my Junathon blogging. But not my exercise thankfully.

It was a busy weekend with much love and lots of dancing occurring. I attended the fantastic wedding of 2 of my friends. They had their ceremony up at Dunsapie Loch in Holyrood Park.

Was a lovely ceremony and as I walked there I managed to get some steps in too!

Myself and Ian then went for some food before getting ready for the eveing reception. More walking ensued, despite Ian's requst for a taxi home haha.

The reception was much fun also and usual I spent a good amount of time on the dance floor bouncing about like a crazy person!

Not content with dancing the night away til 1am when the festivities ended. Myself and my co-party animal Matt decided to go along to the last ever metal night Keep it Steel at Studio 24 to get some moshing in. There was a 5am licence so it seemed rude not to :). I think we were the smartest dressed people there still havig our wedding attire on.

And it was a night to remember. The last song played (apart from the theme tune to Cheers as the lights went up) was Bohemian Rhapsody where everyone sang along and danced in earnest. There were people crying by the end as we said goodbye to one of the best club venues in Edinburgh. RIP Studio 24.  I ended up with mild whiplash from all the moshing but it was worth it!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Day 23: the one where I walk everywhere

So, on Friday I attempted to beat my personal best for my Global Step Challenge. As this stranded at 31,000 I had set myself a rather difficult target seeing that I had work. However, determination is something I'm generally pretty good at. So I got up at stupid o'clock to make the 5 mile walk to work. And most of this is uphill. By the time I got to my desk at 8:15am I had already clocked 11,000 steps. And was already tired!
At lunchtime I dragged myself out again and tries not to think about the fact I had another hours walk home at the end of the day. Arriving home I still had another 4,000 steps to get to reach my target.

Thankfully after a couple of reviving beers (see alcohol is medicinal!) I geared myself up to don my trainers once more to make the 2.5 mile trip to my friends flat for a 'girls night in', which wasn't that girly as nine of my friends are particularly girly (thankfully).

I'm pleased to say that all this walking resulted in a grand total of 34,000 steps :)

I will say this tho, I definitely needed my headphones and music to distract me from the pain in my legs. Even managed a little air guitar along my way. Totally oblivious to what a weirdo I probably looked like!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 22: pondering the masochistic urge

Aiming to do an average of about 20,000 steps a day is starting to look like one of my not so clever ideas. It's the sheer amount if of your time it takes to squeeze them in. I'm currently at 22,000 at 7pm. I clockes a couple ks before work by parking far away, walked at lunchtime as well as adding some more on a site visit in the afternoon. Walked the long way to my car. Then on getting home going for a 4.7 mile run. My knee hurts, as do my feet.

I do sometimes wonder why I do this. Today I also signed up for next year's Tough Mudder. It will be my 3rd. Hopefully I'll do it without a fractured elbow (unlike last year). The training will be hard. My upper body strength still sucks after many promises to myself I'll get better. But yet I'm determined to do it. I get lots of satisfaction from achieving physical challenges and they are hard as I'm lazy and like partying too much. But I guess it's all about balance. I just need to tip it a little more to the healthier side :)
Run distance :4.7 miles
Time : 48 mins
Tough Mudders signed up for :1

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Day 21: don't trust that bastard weather forecast

It warned about rain yes but that rain was supposed to come in the afternoon not after 8pm in the evening. Good when I'm out walking!

But to be honest I rather enjoyed being out with the thunder and lightning going on around me and I had my huge umbrella to keep the worst off :)

After my cycling and running yesterday I wanted my legs to recover a but but I have still managed to clock over 20,000 steps today.
At this point in the pics below the rain was bouncing off the ground... Didn't stop the footballers though. This is the meadows, and in the sunshine this empty area of grass would be heaving