Sunday 21 June 2015

Day 20: Did a fractured elbow, cold and headache stop me doing Tough Mudder - Hell No!!

I know I have totally failed for this year's Juneathon but I felt I had to do a blog for this. I reckon managing a 12 mile mud-soaked obstacle course with a fractured elbow and a thumping headache makes up for all the missed days where I totally slacked.

I was told by the nurse at the minor injuries clinic that I would not be doing Tough Mudder...and already by then a little bit of my brain was holding onto hope. The thought of just spectating at the event was just too depressing as was the though that I wouldn't get my special 2-tough mudder headband!. 3 weeks down the line and I had managed to do climb a couple of peaks hill walking in the Highlands and had got a bit of movement back in the arm so I thought I could just run the event and not do any of the obstacles...but then on the run up to the event I was like...well, I could just do the obstacles that I don't really need two working arms for...

In the end I calculated I did over half of all the obstacles. I absolutely couldn't do any of the climbing over wall/monkey-bar style obstacles or anything that would risk me smacking my elbow off something - The Everest obstacle was definitely out...this was updated and looked way harder and steeper than last time!

Now, as if a fractured elbow wasn't enough, I was just getting over a week-long nasty head cold AND I had a thumping headache for the entire day (only abating after a good few glasses of wine in the evening). To say this was a challenge is putting it mild. However, having said that we saw and heard that there was a 71 year old doing it which kind of puts most people to shame!

Now as this was my second Tough Mudder I was allowed to forgo the Electroshock Therapy...however, the special 'Tough Mudder Legion' obstacle for everyone who had aready earned their first headband. This was a monkey-bar style thing which I could do...instead of just going the finish line I decided to brave the Electorshock Therapy again! Now when we arrived there was no breeze and I figured it would be possible to get through without being my horror when we arrived the evil hanging tentacles were now happily diagonally floating in the now very present breeze! I got shocked once, remembered what a horrible sensation it was and ducked out the side.

So, I may not have done half of the obstacles but I feel I totally earned my green headband and bottle of cider. And it helped soo much having a great team (that is, after all, what it's all about) who helped me round and grabbed my (good) arm to help me out of the mud - thanks guys!!

NEXT year I plan to do ALL the obstacles - the training starts...well, whenever my arm is in fully working order I suppose!

time: between 3 and 4 hours
distance: 12 miles
obstacles successfully completed: about 14
Tough Mudder headbands: 2
celebratory drinks consumed: many
All the donated trainer...including mine :)
war wounds

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