Saturday, 31 December 2011

'twas the day before Janathon...

Yep, despite all misgivings I once again am joining in the winter madness of Jananthon. I did a run today so thought I would do a wee pre-Jan blog to get me started. I have been preparing myself over the xmas hols - I even went out on Boxing day!

I haven't blogged for ages so will give a quick recap of recent stuff thats been happening. This last year has been a funny one. While I spent a good proportion of the year unemployed (7 months to be precise - and it was very sucky) it gave me some time to firstly go to Peru to do the Inca trail which was a highlight of my life and not just the year. I also completed my first ever mararthon which I was very proud of. Also on my time off I decided I fancied a career change so put myself on a course to get my basic Level 2 Exerise to Music qualification which I completed towards the end of December. All in time for the new year. It feels good to find something I seem to be pretty good at and totally enjoy...just need to get myself some classes and willing participants :)

Apart from returning to my old employers on a short term contract, that's pretty much all the big things that have been happening...apart from becoming an auntie...that was quiet exciting, oh and my best friend getting married and allowing me to be bridesmaid for the first time ever!

So a new year, hopefully the start of a new career and lots of running and exercise in general.

My running goal this year is to do the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon in just under 2 hours (my previous time has been 2h15.

well, here's to a fit 2012!

distance: 5.6miles
time: 52m48s
calories: 650 (or about 2 and a half mince pies!)