Sunday, 30 June 2013

day 30: a village with nothing but a pub (which was closed)

last day of Juneathon :( but what a good way to end it. The morning was spent walking around Aria Force near Ullswater. Such stunning surrounding! That took a few hours but as was early, it was really quiet. Was quite a trek but was it is the last day, I did a run too. I ran to the next village from Gteystoke, which is called Blencow...there were plenty cows around so seemed appropriate. Not much else there tho. Just the pub...not even a wee shop. Always wonder if people who live in the remote country are all alcoholics as there really doesnt seem to be much else to do, but there are always plenty of pubs. The one in Grrystoke is calles the Boot and Shoe and is pretty nice and has live bands on a Sunday. Anyway arrived in Blencow and ran back again. I may go for a pint later...nothing better to do I suppose
distance: 4.13
time: 36mins 19secs
cows in Blencow: loads
pubs in Blencow: 1 but not much else

Saturday, 29 June 2013

day 29: chasing sheep and going off course...slightly

today has been activity filled. Had a great day walking around Ambleside, visiting Castlerigg stone circle just outside Keswick. Also managed a decent run. started off on the road out of Greystoke but noticed a bridle path going out to the next village of Motherby. wanted to get off road so was perfect....until i started going off route, eventually finding myself dodging cow poo and big spikey thistles, and chasing away lots of sheep.

thankfully found my way back on cours, out to the road and back, leaving the sheep to get back to a quiet evening without mad lost runners.

 distance: 4.7miles
time: 43mins
sheep chased by me: about a dozen

Friday, 28 June 2013

day 28: lovely walk, short blog

writing this on window sill where i get a tiny bit of receptio. Am in Lake district this weekend so minimal blgging will occur. Went for nice 3 mile walk around country side around the village  of Greystoke. there were cows and fields. l also did about 20 push ups and 20 sit ups to make me feel like i made an effort.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

day 27: confessions of a self-diagnosed mess monster

Right, I've got to crisis point. My flat is getting to the point of being so messy that I put something down and that's it lost for the next few days. I spent so much time looking for my Garmin before my run today that I almost cried in frustration before giving up and going on a shortened run as I was getting late for a hair appointment (Had a bit of a deja vu moment from Janathon!)

Housework always takes a very low priority for me and I always do as little as possible but I always regret it a little when I get to the point where I need to spend and entire day/weekend to get it back to respectability! Problem at the moment is I really don't seem to have time. Work, Juneathoning and general social engagement is leaving very little time. And I can't afford a cleaner - and I really would do anything to be able to get someone to do this kind of stuff for me!

So yeah, short (and hard going) run done - think I'm still recovering from my circuits class yesterday. Then quickly off to the hair dresser - hair is all nice and short again, but colour really needs done, am all multi shades of pink/peach/dark roots! And home to blog/eat crisps instead of making dinner.

The tidy-up will have to wait yet another day...weekend...month. Gaaaaa!!

distance: 2.5miles
time: 23mins
haircuts: 1
packets of crisps eaten instead of actual dinner: 2

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

day 26: exercise and underwear

I apologise in advance for the topic of today's blog. But I want to talk about underwear. Now I like to be comfortable when I exercise. This means decent sports bra (shock absorber run bras are the only ones I will buy) tops that don't ride up and tights/shorts that don't fall down. I also stretch this to underwear. One thing I hate about exercise classes is that I have to look onto a fellow gym-class goer doing squats or deadlifts in cheap leggings to see the outline of a thong cutting through flesh. HOW CAN THAT BE COMFORTABLE!!  I don't like thongs at the best of times, they seem like a pointless bit of clothing, designed by men for porn stars, but the idea of doing anything like running/jumping/cycling etc in them worries me. I'm more of a short/French knicker type.

Anyway, today, due to certain sartorial circumstances, I found myself having to partake in my circuits class in a piece of this undergarment. Thankfully the class itself was so hard going that I didn't really have the opportunity to think about the dis-comfort of a thin piece of material riding up my arse (sorry for that mental image!). Don't worry I had good quality tights on and tried not to stand in front of anyone!

Needless to say, I will be avoiding a similar scenario in the future.


distance: emmm, none really but lots of calories burned I assure you
time: 50mins
uncomfortable items of underwear worn: 1

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

day 25: running and corsets to the rescue

My run was pretty much the best thing about today - apart from the long awaited arrival of my new corset.  Had to work at home today so I was in for the delivery of said corset. While the idea of laying in bed with my work-laptop and blackberry sounds like a nice idea, I don't really like working from home. I find it hard to concentrate and miss the banter with fellow colleagues. Still I had plenty to keep me busy...sadly much of this wasn't much fun. Much dealing with complaints etc 

So I was actually looking forward to running some tension off. Also managed to turn it into a practical trip to collect my car from my parents house. This meant a pretty hard run with a good chunk of it uphill. Still, running off some stress also helped me get a decent pace up.

Here's my new corset :)
distance: 4.7miles
time: 46mins
new corsets: 1

Monday, 24 June 2013

day 24: deafened by gym instructor

this is gonna be short as am writing on my phone as i wait for the boy to cook my dinner.
today i cycled home, which is mainly downhill so eadyish. but i also did body blitz, which was hard and not entirely pleasant as the instructor had the shit music too loud and insisted on also shouting in her microphone over it...thanks for that.

anyway, that all for this evening...
distance: 4.5 miles, time: 25mins
body blitz class:1, 45 mins
ear drums possibly damaged: 2

Sunday, 23 June 2013

day 23 (and 22) first fail and paying penance

So, yes...yesterday was my first ever Juneathon (or Janathon) fail. Am a wee bit disappointed in  myself.

Even though I definitely partook in activity that can certainly be considered exercise (and very good exercise at that) I didn't get round to blogging. So technically a fail.

It isn't going to happen again, so today as I looked out at the horizontal rain I put on my running kit anyway and ran round the park. And got wet...very wet. But it soon stopped and I rather enjoyed it.

So, back on track for the last week. Going to make an extra effort to get some proper mileage in.

Distance: 3.6miles
time: 31mins
Junathon fails: 1 :(

Friday, 21 June 2013

day 21: doing it old school with Cher

Today I did something I haven't done since I was a teenager: a fitness video. Not a DVD, a video (yes I still have a player, not that it gets used much).
Once again, thanks to my work, I had to cancel Body Blitz. I could have gone for a run... it was a rather nice day outside, but I have really been neglecting my strength training so I had a think and then remember I had an old fitness video. I got it when I was about 12. It is a Cher one. And despite what you might be thinking, it is actually pretty good. You don't need much room, which is good as I have a small-ish which is very cluttered with stuff. It even has some decent music on it (if you like 60s stuff, its actually pretty good to exercise to). It is also not the easiest. I was only going to do the resistance/strength training section which uses resistance bands (like big elastic bands, generally pimped and marketed a Pilates bands at a inflated price). However, since I had lost the remote control for my video player I couldn't be bothered to fast forward through the aerobics section. So I ended up doing about 1hour20 mins worth of exercise.

This is what it looks like - you can probably get it on dvd now, though maybe not new.
distance: back and forth in my living room
time: 38mins aerobics, 45mins weight-band workout
Skimpy outfits worn by Cher: at least one

Thursday, 20 June 2013

day 20: hot and sweaty

Ok, minds out of the gutter people!! I am of course referring to my short but oh so hard-going run today. You would think it was summer out there.  I had wanted to do at least 5km but thanks to projects at work going all a bit pear-shaped I was standing in my bedroom, run kit on talking on the phone to a contractor who was telling me I needed to be in Dumfries tomorrow to get shouted at by the public...It sort of made me late, and I had dinner plans with friends.

Ended up being rather a relief as I was already struggling about 1.5miles in. Hot, sweaty and tired. Got back and forced myself to do my daily press-ups (I'm pretty much managing 3 full, on-the-toes, good technique ones now, which for me is pretty damn good!). By time I was literally dripping.

Even after a shower I was waaay too hot and stayed that way until I sauntered home after a good bowl of pasta and a couple of glasses of wine. Didn't even really care that my eye makeup was totally smudged and looked like I'd been partying as if I was some (very) low-grade version of Kate Moss.

Anyway, looks like the heat/sun isn't going to last and will probably be complaining of being wet cause of the rain instead!

distance: 2.3miles
time: 21mins30secs
sweat sweated: a lot (yuck)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

day 19: OMG a quiet night in!

Wow...for the first time in I don't know how long, I am sat in front of TV in pj's with no plans except a DVD (Magic Mike, if you are wondering) and a VERY early night.

Life has been a bit crazy recently with lots of very good stuff going on and I seem to have been getting by on happiness and adrenaline but it is all rather tiring and am a wee bit relieved I am getting a night off.

That hasn't stopped me getting in a decent run before flaking out. Was gorgeously sunny and warm so done a pretty decent distance, though wish I had taken some water. Did one of my fave routes along the Innocent Railway cycle path and passed a lot of happy looking cyclists (amazing what a sunny day can do!)

Anyway, must get back to my DVD watching :)

distance: 6.1 miles
time: 55mins48secs
quiet nights in this week: 1 so far

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

day 18: white noise twilight zone

Its unusual for me not to have something witter on about but today I think my brain has entered into a twilight zone of white noise...too much going on and too little time to achieve things.

Finally going back to my flat this evening as my folks are back, so at least I won't be rushing back and forth like a flustered bee.

So anyway, yes - I did go for a run today. It was short but was over the braid hills so not an easy ride. Did a few press ups and tricep dips along the way too. Its also Tuesday which means yoga. I do enjoy it when I get there but really wish it started earlier as I always struggle to motivate myself to go. Only 2 weeks left of it so going to be strict with myself.

OK, that's all I can muster...typing is even feeling like a chore today!

distance: 2.9miles
time: 28mins12secs
press ups: 20
tricep dips: 16

Monday, 17 June 2013

day 17: running in new rocks

So, it hasn't been my best effort this month, in fact it has probably been my worst effort yet but hey ho. The reason for the half-arsed-ness is that it was a loooong day. Got into work before 8am, was at an all day roadshow in which I really struggled to stay awake (combination of long presentations, too warm room and general Monday-ness). got back to office and had lots of stuff to deal with before I could comes my exercise-bit. As I am staying half a mile away from work at the moment I have been walking to and from it.

Today I was running late to get home for my new car getting dropped off. This meant I had to run home. I ran as much as I could but I was wearing my new rock boots. They say its hard running in heals, they should try this. It is pretty much like having 2lb weights attached to each leg, but hotter. As you can see from the photo, they are big with metal bits.  So it was more of a run...jog...walk.

my rather lovely, but heavy, boots

Happily I made it back in time for my car arriving. Then I had to sort out my insurance, then rush across town to help a friend transport some art home.

finally home and pretty knackered but still thinking 'that really wasn't good enough for Juneathon', so I did 20 press-ups, 40 sit-ups and some chest-flys and bicep/triceps exercises. Felt a bit better with effort after that.

distance: 0.5miles
time: 6minutes
press-ups: 20
sit-ups: 40
misc upper body exercises: not sure

Sunday, 16 June 2013

day 16: survived the weekend, jogged and almost threw up

It felt like had already done a lot of exercise today and I hadn't even put on a pair of trainers. Its been an awesome weekend of catching up with friends, eating, drinking, dressing up steampunk style and dancing.

I got back today to my folks house to a cat who was acting like she had been considerably neglected over the last few days and was very pleased to see me. Although it was getting late and I had just had dinner not that long ago, I still felt the need to do some 'proper' exercise for Juneathon (I will not be called a slacker, ever!). So on went my running kit for a short circuit around the estate.  It wasn't pleasant - I got a stitch almost immediately and getting to anything close to a decent speed brought on the horrible feeling that I was going to hurl.

But nevermind. I went and jogged and that's what counts - I even made a half-hearted attempt at some push ups when I got home.

distance 2.3miles
time: 20mins
feeling of needing to throw up: a few

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Day 15: 10k with a hangover, after staying out all night - well, why not??

No slacking here at all today! despite a pretty epic party last night (which was still going at 6am...) I managed to get outside into the windy, drizzly conditions and did just over 10K. Yep, 6.3 miles, on a couple hours sleep and a very present hangover. *smug look*.  Lucky it was round one of my favourite circuit of the braid hills and the hermitage so I managed to zone out a bit

Even did it in under and hour, which I totally wasn't expecting. I doubt I will be able to pull this off again tomorrow as I gear up for night out round 2. I am going to try to be sensible but I think we all know that doesn't usually happen :)

Short post today as I have a Steampunk themed outfit/make-over to research and create.

distance: 6.3miles
time: 57mins11secs
hangovers: 1
hours of sleep: mmm, not enough

Friday, 14 June 2013

day 14: Body Blitz to Bacon Birthday Party in one evening

I did it!!!! I actually managed to NOT cancel a gym class, go to it on time and complete it with 100% effort.

Am now totally knackered and very aware I need to get ready for a party (or 2). The first party is a bacon themed-party...I know weird. But that's my wonderful friends for you. Just to clarify, its not a 'dress up as your favourite pork-product' party, in the spirit of Lady GaGa, but a party where the host has cooked an astounding array of bacon food-stuffs. Desert should be interesting. Maybe not a good evening for vegetarians!

Anyway, I did manage my exercise today. Body Blitz. It can be a kind-of Body Pump substitute. Though the instructor on a Friday is insane and has his own idea of what 'Blitz' means. I sweated....a lot. There was running on the spot, burpees, lots of press-ups, sit-ups and mad interval stuff. I definitely feel I deserve a beer or 2 tonight.

This weekend is going to be a challenge exercise wise, and everything else-wise.  On top of tonight's parties, tomorrow I have to return and feed my cat, sort out various car-related paperwork, visit the bank and Junethon, all probably with a hangover. Then I have another big night out, at which I plan to be good, but we all know I'm not that good at following through with that.

Well, I need to go get glammed up now....What does one wear to a bacon party I wonder??

gym classes attended: 1
time: 45 mines
hard exercises completed: many
bacon-themed parties attended: 1

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Day 13: the dog ate my homework and other not so classic excuses

I know in yesterday's blog I said I was DETERMINED to go to my class today as I have been being bad a missing them....however (here come the excuses)...I looked at the forecast and it was supposed to be sunny so I thought, mmm running day- turned out it wasn't. Then I got a phone call from the guy who has been looking out for a car for me to replace the one I crashed, saying that he had found one and would I like to see it. So I needed to be home for that. So, anyway, long story short, I cancelled my circuits class yet again and opted for a bike trip to Tesco's to buy more hair dye as I'm getting to the point of 2-tone hair as it is still bright on top and horrible and washed out at the ends.

Was actually rather hard as there is a very long, steep hill and my legs really felt the pain. As a concession to missing my class I came home and did some strength exercises with my resistance bands. I have also progressed to managing (just) 3 full press ups. believe me, this is progress. 

So anyway, a no-show sunny evening and car-checking-out are my excuses for today's whittled down exercise effort. Really not what a tough-mudder-in-training should be aiming for with a little over 2 months until race day. Also not the most interesting excuses in the world...mmmm idea for 'list-type' future blog: Favourite 'I didn't go running today' excuses :)

distance: 4.5miles
time: 26mins
steep hills cycled up: 1 very long one
crap excuses for missing gym class: 2
new cars almost acquired: 1 ford fiesta

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

day 12: Getting distracted

I blame one person in particular. They shall remain nameless but they are responsible for me staying out late, drinking beer when I should be in bed asleep and making me miss circuit training class as I'm too tired from being out dancing till the early hours on a school night.

Having said that, being out last night meant that I did cancel circuit class but also meant I went out cycling in the sunshine instead for my Juneathon effort. I also went for a nice walk to the pub near my parents house which added another mile and a half.

The cycle also included a very steep hill and as was pointed out to me my bike is pretty rubbish and very heavy so extra effort was needed to get up said hill.

All in all, managed 10 miles which I reckon is pretty good for a sleep deprived Wednesday. No upper body strength training yet again, but there is always tomorrow, and I am DETERMINED not to miss that class!!

distance: 10miles (plus 1.5mile round trip to the pub)
time: 1hour5mins
people distracting me from being good: 1 in particular

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

day 11: relucant weight training and pre-emptive Yoga

Feeling a bit meh today. Still not over my cold and coughing all the time. Work sucked and I have to go to yoga and really can't be bothered. Also, as I missed my body blitz class yesterday really felt I should do some strength exercises and I'm really not very good at motivating myself to do weights at home which is why I like going to classes as I'm stuck in a room for a set period of time being told what to do. I can't do that at home. Anyway I managed to do about 25 mins worth and tried to do all muscle groups. I had planned to note exactly how many of each I did but was really kidding myself. Rubbish at being that exact!

I managed about 20-ish press ups (only one and a half on my toes), 50-ish abs exercises (crunches etc etc, don't know all the different labels), 20 squats, 20 lunges, 20 chest-flies, 20 pull downs, or whatever you call them, 20 bicep curls, 20 lateral raises.   Most of all the upper body exercises were done using resistance bands.

Anyway, I haven't gone to Yoga yet but don't have time to blog after the class, so will tell you now it was probably very hard work and my legs will probably feel like jelly afterwards.

strength exercises done: no idea but enough considering I still have a cold
Yoga class been to: 1 (in the very near future)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 10: I fecking HATE Mondays

Monday's are bad enough, but when you have been ill for a week, had a lovely but tiring weekend, ending up being led astray on Sunday evening into drinking beer in the park, resulting in very little sleep, come Monday morning I just wanted to stay in bed all day. Instead I had to drag my carcass into the stuffy office, where all I could do it try to keep from sliding under my desk for a snooze.

I was supposed to be doing a body blitz class this evening but I really couldn't face 45 mins of hard weight training. I opted instead for a short run around the estate where my folks stay (I am once again, cat sitting - feel like I spend just as much time here than I do at my own flat!). Even that was a struggle. The lovely sunny day didn't do anything to make it any easier or more enjoyable. Was just happy to get it over with. Done a few press ups when I got back which pretty much finished me off.

Hopefully an early night will finally get rid of this hideous cold and I'll be back on form.
Apologies for any other Juneathon-ers who may have caught my cold through the cyber-waves of the Internet ;)

distance: 2.4 miles
time: 21minutes

Sunday, 9 June 2013

days 9: trying to cough up a lung

I'm ill. Feel like I've been fighting cold after cold ever since I started my new job back last July/August. I mainly blame the bad ventilation which leaves the place hot and airless and probably a very good incubator of germs, which I seem to pick up like they were going out of style.

I felt ok when doing my walk yesterday though I had to make sure I had a good supply of tissues, however, after a few beers it all went downhill. Ended up in bed at 23:30 feeling like shite, which is basically how I've been feeling since.

Not that I will let that get in the way of #Juneathon. I hate failing at tasks I set myself. So after a short snooze this afternoon (was a little sad at putting my blackout blind on the blue skies outside my window). I dragged myself out for a wee run. Was only going to be short but took my water bottle as was really afraid of having a massive coughing fit in the middle of the park and loose a lung. Funnily enough, once I got out, I actually felt a lot better than I had lying in my bed! I did have a few stop offs for water and coughing but I kept on going and actually managed it up the big steep bit of the park and did a full circuit.

So back rewarding myself with a nice cold beer, of which I have many left over from last night.
distance: 3.5miles
time: 33mins 44secs
colds caught this year: way too many!

Also, now that I'm back in civilisation, here are a couple of shots of my walk yesterday. The little white dots in the background are the other members of my team, whose boy-asses I kicked :)
The little white dots aren't that far away....yet

Stunning scenery...proud to be Scottish on days like this

Found a little 8-legged friend at the top of Carn Mairg

Obligatory 'top of the mountain' pose!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

day 8: kicking the asses of boys

As some regulsr readers may know, i sometimes do a running club at work, where i often have difficulty keeping up with the faster male runners...well today i got my revenge. walked 12miles and managed to bag 3 (almost 4) munro mountains. was walking them with 2 male work friends and ileft them flagging well behind me at all points along the way. will come back to this post to add photos as am on my phone, but they are usually little dots in the distance :) was a fantastic walk and the sun was out. on these days i feel lucky to live in such a beautiful country. like i say, i will prob comr back to this blog to add and edit but now a BBQ and a well earned beer are waiting! BTW, sorry for bad punctuation and spelling!!
distance:12 miles
time: 8 hours
number of asses kicked: 2

Friday, 7 June 2013

day7: very short run, the pub is waiting

im writing this from my phone in a sketchy internet covered area in Aberfeldy. im doing a munro challenge for Wateraid tomorrow so am up in sunny perthshire with work colleagues for the weekend. arriving at the hostel, i left my fellow walkers to unload everything while i selfishly went for a run. was very short as everyone was waiting to go to the pub so was a quick 1.4 miles along the river. could have ran a lot longer as was beautiful, but i had people waiting. i took photos but wont try to ob my phone.
distance: 1.4miles

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 6: getting 'sort of' challenged

Was supposed to do another circuits class today but due to the fact it was waaay too nice to be inside this evening and a casual tweet by a fellow Juneathoner (paulkdesigner I'm looking at you!) I decided to go for a run instead.

Like I had said in a previous blog, I wasn't really looking to concentrate on mileage this month but getting my strength up, but now having had the 'I'm sure you could easily run 100km in a month' comment made I now feel obliged to rise to the challenge! Obviously I will still have to do my strength building training so will just have to work even harder. Thanks Paul!!

Well it worked. Though I did just want to stay out in the sunshine as long as possible I was also happy to see myself clock up my mileage this evening, keeping my speed up to a reasonable (for me) level. I didn't even get (too) jealous of all the people in the meadows drinking beer and having BBQs (been there, done that!).

Got home and did some press ups, crunches, and other arms stuff (a technical term).
Everyone like a motivational pic. so here you go:


distance: 6.23miles
time: 58mins05secs
likelihood of getting to 100km this month: slim, but I'll try

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

day 5: where a circuits class attempts to kill me and a woman is rude

So, back to normal service. exercised, logged and blogged all in one evening :) And what a session.
Was back to my first circuit class in about 6 months, and ooh fuck did I feel it! My legs and arms now have about the same strength in them as rolls of jelly.  I enjoyed it though. Except for the beginning where I got some stuck up woman who, instead of kindly and helpfully pointing out that I was doing the circuit wrong (it was a different instructor from my last class) and pointing me back in the right direction, scrunched up her face, and effectively inferred that I was a total moron that cannot follow simple instructions and was generally getting up her snooty nose. There is just no need.

Anyway, once I got back on course, I did pretty well I think. Sweated alot and generally managed most of the exercises without collapsing/throwing up. And am doing it all again tomorrow!

And good news - I'm coming to the Juneathon pissup lunch at the end of this madness. Really looking forward to meeting some of my fellow -athoners. Also gives me a chance to have a mini-holiday and do some gallery-seeing and Camden shopping :)

circuit classes complete without hurling: 1
rude women in class:1
limbs now resembling jelly: 4

day 4: this may be late but I haven't broken the rules

OK, so I know this is late...and the excuses will follow. However, the rules do say that you need to blog 'within 24 hours'. I ran at 5pm yesterday and it is now 8:50am so am still good :)

Now for the was sunny and I got an invite to a BBQ so I had the option of being good and doing a proper run and being a social sad-case, or do a quick run and get the hell out into the sun and drink beer. Bet you can guess which one I chose??

Did 2 miles which consisted of a mini circuit of holyrood park. In my eagerness to join the BBQ fun I did it pretty quickly too. So back home I only had time for a few press ups, a quick shower and change and out the door, thinking to myself 'I'll be back about 9ish...plenty time for blogging.' Ahhh, how naive I am. A few hours later and I am in the pub with my bad-influencing friends. So here I am blogging when I should be working (just in case this gets read by any colleagues...I will be working through my lunch to make up!).

I have a feeling this may not be the only time this happens...

distance: 2 miles
time: 17mins28secs

Monday, 3 June 2013

day 3: back to being good

Aaah, Mondays - the most hated day of the week. For me rightly so, especially when I return to the working routine having had a weekend with only a few hours sleep and where exercise consisted of mainly dancing to techno music and meals meant crisps for breakfast and pizza and wine for dinner.

So I am back to eating yogurt for breakfast and veggie stirfry for dinner. and writing blogs at a sensible time and not at 5am! I did manage a run today but it was a short circuit of holyrood park so I was home in time for my body blitz class (my gym's version of body pump). Just before anyone gets competitive - I won't be looking at the Juneathon leaderboard of doom this time as I will not be anywhere remotely high up. Not because I am slacking but because I am not training for a race. What I am doing is training for the Tough Mudder (if you've been under an exercise-world rock and haven't heard of it, google it). This means I have to get my upper body strength improved incredibly quickly. I am pathetic when it comes to upper body strength, I can do about 1 and a half full press ups and I can't even think of doing a proper pull up! So will be concentrating on circuit training and weight classes this month.


distance: 3.4miles
time: 28mins 48mins
Body Blitz class: 1 (45mins)

Sunday, 2 June 2013

day 2: end of a hedonistic weekend (exercise was achieved)

Ok, well this weekend turned out very different that I had planned but was worth it. While I did not go out running as I had planned, I spent over an hour dancing to techno music with some of my insane friends so definitely think this qualifies for my Junathon effort today.

I reckon I probably burned a lot more calories dancing like a maniac than I would have if I had gone on a short hungover run :)

Demonstrating my general goal when I started on my twitter/blogging journey, this weekend has very much tested my balancing of my healthy exercise-orientated lifestyle and my love of hedonistic behaviour. I very much expect normal service to resume tomorrow!!

hours spent dancing like a manic: at least over one
days spent being hedonistic so far this Juneathon: 2

Day 1: and I almost miss the deadline

Oh dear, first day and I almost fail...I jogged and logged fairly early today but had to defer blogging until I went shopping. turned into going to the Meadows festival and one cider turned into a few beers and here I am at 5am finallly getting round to blogging. Its within 24 hours so its all good. I blame my friends for leading me astray (though I do admit it is fairly easy to do)

Anyway...way back on Saturday morning I ran 5 miles round the meadows. It was sunny and finally felt like summer. Pretty uneventful run...and the rest of the day, well...the fact I am writing this at 5am on my friends laptop pretty much sums up the rest of the day....Sunday's effort is shaping up to be interesting!

miles: 5.5
time 52mins28secs
ciders/beers drank on the meadows: many
bloggs writen at 5am: 1