Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day 31!!!! It all depends on... you count the Janathon mileage.

At the beginning of the week I noticed I had an average of 4.6miles to run a day to make that all important 100 Janathon miles...Thought I could probably do that - then I got a cold. So here I was, last day of the challenge with 8.8 miles to run. It was raining, hard, outside and there was no WAY I was running practically 9miles on the treadmill! I would have died of boredom or exhaustion. Thanks  @runningman856 for the encouragement - pretty sure I would have only done the absolute minimum.

Was going to just do as much as I could - thinking 5km as it is usually as far I can be bothered on the treadmill but with a little bit of self-mental bullying and a pretty awesome running playlist on my iPod (highlights for speedy intervals - Lust for Life, Iggy Pop and System of a Down's Chop Suey) I found myself going further.

Now back to the issue of counting of mileage - Technically I have actually done a total of 102 miles for Janathon as I did a 1.2mile walk and a 4mile cycle. However I only did 96.8 actual running. So depending on how you look at it I have either just missed my 100 running target or I have achieved my Janathon 100 exercise mile target...For the sake of my ego I am taking the grand total figure :) 

Also...a note to the 2 girls on the bikes in the gym - if you are wearing a polo-neck UNDER another top, you are NOT working out - you shouldn't even be allowed into the gym!!! I was wearing a vest and sweating buckets!! Just saying...

Anyway - congratulations to everyone who have undertaken Janathon, no matter what you have done - walked, ran, planked...and even if you have...whisper it...had a Janathon is a challenge and there is always next year - or indeed Juneathon!!

Thanks to eveyone who has read and commented on my blog and for all the twitter banter - it is what makes Janathon a pleasure to endure :) Now all I have is a half marathon to train for, not to mention the Tough Mudder!!

Final Stats!

distance: 5.6miles
time: 53mins 31 secs

Janathon totals:
Miles run: 96.2
miles cycled: 4
miles walked: 1.2


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30: Ill and grumpy...but still running

Well I'm still ill...and the cold is getting worse. To make matters worse its one of those ones where your tastebuds go funny and you can't taste anything. I HATE IT - I love my food so it is torture not being able to enjoy it.

My colleagues didn't let me miss running club though, and even made me attempt a tempo run. Can't really call it a real one as the 'tempo' bit was rather difficult as there was a massively steep hill to go up so there was no way of keeping a consistent pace. But I managed to sort of keep up and avoided collapsing in a coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing heap! In fact I felt better out running than I did sitting at my desk.

Looking at my totals the likelihood of me hitting my hoped for 100miles has pretty much disappeared. I doubt very much that I'll be doing 8.8 miles tomorrow. Rather pissed off about it but at least I've managed to get out. However I have to say I'm very much looking forward to a rest day on Friday!! day to go people - hope everyone has enjoyed the torture challenge that is Janathon :)

distance: 3.2miles
time: 31mins 31secs
tissues used today: a massive pile!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 29: almost...but not quite

I almost managed a Janathon fail...almost. After a very bad night's sleep in a boiling hot hotel room in Stranraer and with the cold lurgy descendinig upon me, my alarm clock went off at 6:40am - I had literally been asleep for the first time in hours for longer than 10 minutes. I felt pretty awful and on looking out the window, it was still pitch black. I went back to bed and internal debating went on in my head over the pros and cons of trying to get up and go running.  It went on for a while...

My will-power won, the grey murky day and my fuzzed head lost (with help of some much needed caffine).  I actually think my run did me good. It certainly un-blocked my nose! Not a particularly interesting run. I can't say I would recommend Stranraer - it seems more of a place to escape from (its main feature being the ferry port to Ireland).  It is rather bleak, especially in the nasty weather that seems to engulf it the majority of the time.  I ran along the coastline for a while and then back. I did a surprisingly zippy 3.4miles.

I spent most of the remainder of the day freezing my arse off and getting severely rain on, on a tour of a the town's new waste water treatment work (surprisingly interesting though the least glamorous way I can think of spending a few hours).

I really hope standing in the freezing rain for a few hours doesn't make my cold worse...Still cannot believe I can't get through 1 frigging month without being ill!!!

distance: 3.4miles
time: 31mins
colds had by me already this year: 1

Monday, 28 January 2013

Day 28: I refuse to be ill!!

I had 4 colds, whooping cough and pleurisy the last 2 months of 2012 and i really though i would get a brrak ftom illness this year...however today i have been sneezing and my nose if feeling weird and i generally feel a bit bleeah (my own medical diagnosis). This did not stop me though! I still managed to get out for my run. Was actually before i started to feel not good and perhaps the freezing wind worstened matters.

Done a 3.1 loop around my work. it was hard and i really didn't enjoy it.

Reaally hoping the cold doesn't develop as I kind of had my heart set on trying to get to 100miles by the end which means an average of 4.6miles a day...fingers crossed!!

Distance: 3.1 miles
time: 33mins

Sunday, 27 January 2013

day 27: sporting disappointment and triumph

Ahhh the tennis. Its tough watching it. I could never watch football cause I think its a very boring way to spend an hour and a half...I need more regular goal/point scoring to keep me interested. Yet I will watch 3 hours of good tennis....except when Scotland's Britain's biggest hope in tennis for a long time does sooo well then it all starts going down hill...I made it till Andy lost the 3rd set (and even then I was only watching it intermittently) and I just couldn't take it anymore so I got my stuff together and went for a run.

I should have been following my half-marathon training plan for week in now but due to Janathon and other commitments I have just been doing what I can. But I thought today I could at least try and do something resembling a long run and actually managed my longest run of the whole of Janathon - YAY! so at least one sporting triumph for Scotland today :)

Had no idea what route to do so I just thought I would go out and see where my feet carried me...and they seemed to want to go a for a rather random and wiggly journey through the posh areas of Edinburgh - started off in the Grange, then around Merchiston (where J K Rowling lives/lived...not sure if she's still there) then back along the Union Canal and back to the car.

First few miles were slow and hard-going but managed an overall average pace of 9:36mph so very pleased with that :)

A few fellow Janathon-ers have managed to reach there 100mile mark (well done!!) I had a look at my totals I am 19miles away from that. Would be great to get there but I very much doubt I will manage 4.7 miles every day for the rest of the week, especially as I am away for work :(

distance: 5.6miles
time: 53mins 50secs

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day 26: best laid schemes

In honour of the fact is was Burns night last night (no I didn't eat any haggis) the theme of the post is being brought to you via the well know Rabbie quote:
"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men,
Gang aft agley."

My schemes for today most definitely 'gang agley'. Once again, social shenanigans meant that I drank too much and got to bed at stupid o'clock so today the last thing I wanted to do was go for my intended decent run (the weather was also mocking me by being lovely and sunny). I had also intended to go shopping. This activity was displaced with more laying around in bed waiting until I felt human enough to do a quick jaunt through Holyrood park (rather than around it which may have killed me)

Felt ok for the first mile then really slowed down as my body went 'ggggaaa what are you doing to me!!'

I promise to be back on the wagon for the last week (wow that actually went fast!) of Janathon

distance: 2.5 miles
time 25mins 25secs
best laid schemes gang agley-ing: all of them

Friday, 25 January 2013

day 25: shortest blog ever!!

Gaaaa, am running late, my internet is slllooow. So VERY short blog post.

Weather SUCKS... I went to the gym
I did 43mins of intervals thanks to Audiofuel
I did them all
I am awesome
that is all :)

stats - 4.3miles in 43mins
time i am running late by: about half and hour and counting...

Thursday, 24 January 2013

day 24: short run, short hair

Was a quickie run today as I had to go to the hairdressers.  It is STILL freezing cold and I'm convinced it is slowing me down. My legs felt really heavy today and I didn't really enjoy it. At least I'm back in town where there is no icy snow left

So, back from my run and off to the hairdressers - post run, it looked even worse than ever so was very glad to get it sorted.  I have to say I don't really like going to the hairdressers. All the forced small-talk (I don't have a regular hairdresser so I always suffer 'first date' syndrome), bad background music and its about the only place that I start to feel old. There is something not right about getting your head massaged by a 16 year old.  AND here is a question, why do all hairdressers always have a token OTT camp boy??

distance: 2.4miles
time: 23 mins 46secs

So here's a pic of my short hair! Sorry if you have no interest in my hair or its up-keep, I do realise that my blog has been a bit light on the running-related chat, but quite frankly its been a slow week run-wise.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 23: Ummmm....

...nope, can't think of a title for this blog. It's been a boring day running wise. Pissed off that I missed the running club at work today cause, well, actual work got in the way grrr. Even more pissed when I heard they did a 9km route taking in some of the Pentland hills.

So I was stuck doing a run round the houses where there is street lighting and I won't be in danger to careering into, or falling over unseen obstacles. Still, I managed to struggle through over 4 miles of slush/ice patches.

Getting a bit of a niggling pain in my right calf just where it meets the shin bone. No idea what this could be. Not really like previous pains and doesn't feel like any of the usual running related complaints. Don't know why I can't just have common, easily identifiable pains, meh. to be grumpy elsewhere


Distance: 4.6 miles
Time: 46 mins 27 secs
Running club runs missed cause of stupid work: 1

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 22: war of the voices in my head

So it goes like this:

bad-me: I can't be bothered with running and its soooo cold outside and the cat is sitting on me being all cute
good-me: but its Janathon you are doing so well
bad-me: Its been a long day its baltic and snowy and you have yoga later
good-me: Yoga is NOT cardio so doesn't really count
bad-me: Yes it does...and I kinda can't be bothered with that either...what if I do a run and not yoga
good-me: but you have paid for yoga and its good for you
bad-me: but it ends late and I'm (whiny voice) tiiiired
good-me: how about a short run and you'll feel sooo good after yoga
bad-me: OK short run and no yoga...
good-me: Oookaay, see how you go

....after running

bad-me: HA done my run, cat is sitting on me being all cute and purry, can I pleeease miss yoga??
good-me: You've done sooo well, and its too late not to tell the teacher you won't make it
bad-me: GRRrrrr, damn it you win... but only if I get to drink wine and eat cheese later
good-me: ooooh OK then
bad-me: YAY mmmwwwhuuuuahahahahaaaa (it was what I had planned the whole time!)

So I actually ended up doing a slightly longer run than I intended because I was out anyway and I don't do things by halves (both lazyness and exercisy stuff - there is no in-between)

And do not listen to @runningman856 Yoga IS proper exercise....I'd like to see him to the tree pose and not fall over/embarrass himself.

distance: 2.5 miles
time: 24mins 57 secs
yoga classes attended: 1
voices in my head: mmm, lets not go there...

Monday, 21 January 2013

day 21: "you are quite mad!"

Heard that a few times today. And was sensing it from the people in cars stuck in traffic looking at me jog past. And I may just be, but life is more fun with a little madness. So... unless you have been living under a has been snowing, ausing all kinds of chaos around the country. I, however, will not let a little bit of the white stuff defeat me. Also, am up at my folks place and couldn't go to the gym. So a snow run it was.

And, it was actually good when I got out. I was just going to do a very short circuit of the estate but got half way round and thought, this isn't too bad so extended my route making it up to just over 2 and a half miles. The snow was the creaky kind so didn't slip n slide too much. Until that is I past a snow-plough going along the pavement. The thin layer of snow it left was way more treacherous than what it cleared away!

Was a bit tougher making it up the hill and had to walk in places but overall a pretty good run.

And, just in case there is anyone wanting photographic evidence of my efforts, here is a pic of me at the end of it. I look awful in this picture but you're never going to look your best after a sweaty run in mid-winter!
distance: 2.6miles
time: 26mins24secs
times I was called mad today: many

Sunday, 20 January 2013

day 20: Definitition of being hardcore

Under my own definition of being hardcore would be me, after partying on Saturday night, getting to bed at 8am on Sunday morning, yet still managing to get my running gear on and go out in just-around-zero temperatures to do my Janathon run, before lunchtime!! I even managed to pass the 2mile mark - AND  I even over-took a couple of (albeit very slow) fellow joggers.

But boy, am I feeling it now. Having been fed a huge portion of lasagna and force fed red now feeling very snoozy. In fact I plan to crawl into bed for a cat-nap after writing this.

Actually I am feeling so snoozy in  that I can't really be bothered writing much more than this. Am in danger of falling asleep mid-sentence  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

distance: 2.5miles
time: 22mins28secs
hours of sleep had before run: 2

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 19: musical ear muffs and penguin avatars

When I say musical, I don't mean that sing or play and instrument. What they are are headphones-come-earmuff that plug into my iPod.  I got them for xmas and haven't really used them as they were not overly comfortable as they don't go over your head like normal earmuffs but kind of round the back so my hair gets in the way and they feel like they are going to slip off. But as I managed to shut my front door on my normal earphones and break them I thought I would try these out. They were ok, the sounds isn't great obviously as there is material over them but they DID keep my ears warm.
My musical earmuffs!

Actually did a decent run today. Was a practical run too as I had to go to the post office depot and pick up a package. So that's pretty much a 5miles round trip and I managed to save petrol. My package was a small necklace so it fitted nicely in my pocket so didn't hinder my running. The necklace was actually bought to replace the one I got from my best friend for being her bridesmaid. It broke one day...then I lost it. It was my favourite piece of jewelry so I bought myself another one even though it was rather expensive. But it is sooo cute: a tiny wee skull.

A tiny skull pendant
Talking of cute - we Janathoners are planning on a penguin takeover on Twitter - join in if you are on. @jogblog @knittingpenguin @fairweatherrunner and @libeeloo67 have all done it. Change your avatar to a penguin. They are cute and Twitter can alway use more cute animals on it!

distance: 5.2miles
time: 51mins47secs
musical earmuff: 1
skull necklaces retreived: 1

Friday, 18 January 2013

day 18: Ooh the hedonism

Or absense thereof. I had thought this would be a drunken slurry blog done when I stumbled in at an unsociable hour but turns out I had a rather civilised (but very lovely ) evening sipping wine and eating cheese (and other assorted nibbles) with a couple of friend who either were knackered from doing grown-up things like DIY or having to get up early for a responsible job. So here I am only slightly tippsy writing my blog from my bed at 10:30pm.

Due to the, as it turns out, rather early, social engagement, my run was a very quick one, done by stopping off on my way home from work to do a lap around Blackford pond. It wasn't all that easy as I threw in a very steep run up some steps - you know the woodlandy-type ones that are very widely spaced only with bits of randomly spaced bit of wood to actually identify them as actual steps. Anyway it was a cold, icy/slippery slowish, shortish run as I needed to get home, change, do the washing up and get out again. So thus only managed a mile and a half.

Tomorrow I will run further (as long as the snow doesn't carry on falling all night - its very pretty out there) and will also have a proper hedonistic Saturday night - the corset is coming out!! Sunday may hurt!

distance: 1.5miles
time: 16mins 23secs
hedonistic behaviour: none (savinng myself for tomorrow!)

Thursday, 17 January 2013

DAY 17: I can't feel my face!!!!

Or much else of my body. Fuck its cold and the stupid wind has decided to add to the fun of outside evening running.

Going to be a fairly short blog (hurrah I hear you cry!), as my social life has decided to make an appearance, and have stuff on tonight, Friday and Saturday!  Has anyone noticed how this Janathon stuff kind of takes over things??

So anyway, a fairly solid plod round the meadows today, froze myself but also managed to get a consistent sub 10min mile- first time this month! It actually averaged at about 9mins30 mph according to my garmin.

So that's it today. need to go make myself half-presentable...

distance: 3.8miles
time: 37mins30secs
social life: half a one maybe...

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 16 - the great trainer christening

Wednesdays are work-running ‘club’ days. I say club, its not really but a few people that, if they are around go for a run on Wednesday lunchtimes. It was the usual fast-running blokes but there was another girl today. She said she hadn’t run in ages, but looking at her athletic built I guessed she was under-playing it. And I was right – she still managed to get ahead of me L  It was a sub-zero day today and we went off-road and headed for the Braid hills. Even though a lot of the ground was frozen I still managed to stick my foot in a very deep puddle of thick mud. My new-ish trainers are now well and truly christened. I have had them for a while but they were still rather new and sparkly they are not. This is AFTER I cleaned them!


This route is pretty tough, made worse with icey tracks to contend with so it was good to have other people to keep me from giving up. It eemed to take twice the effort sliding a backwards every step so trail shoes are definitely on the shopping list – I do actually want to do a trail race this year, thinking about doing the Karrimor great trail challenge down in the lake district which looks like a nice one to start with.

Again, its nice to do a mid-week run in the daylight – makes such a difference, although I get back to my desk with bright red face that takes a while to get back to normal, eliciting ‘comedy’ comments from colleagues.

Distance: 4miles
Time: 44mins 34secs
Mud-covered trainer: 1

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day 15 Just don't mention the 'S' word

OK, so it can barely be classed as a run but as I have yoga this evening (which last week left me with very achy muscles the next day so is actually hard work) and because of all the the 'word beginning with s' that everyone just won't stop going on about, I did 1.5mile jog/skid/tiptoe through the estate this evening. I started out going through the woods which I thought would be more sensible as it would be hardened mud and less slushy slipperiness. I was wrong. It was a quagmire, so found myself lurching and tiptoeing through deep muddy gooyness. Finally reached the pavement and stayed on it round the rest of the estate and back to my folks.

My other excuse for the shortened run was I didn't have my iPod. I always read how people don't like listening to music while running as they like to ponder life and philosophy (I assume) or meditate or whatever. I would love to think when I go running I have deep and meaningful thoughts or pondering but without my iPod all I get is the last song I heard on the radio (usually Ollly Murs or something equally as annoying) going round and round in my head slowly driving me crazy, accompanied by traffic noise.

To make up for lack of decent mileage I haven't eaten much today so feel that balances things out.

distance: 1.5miles
time: 16mins (ish)
mentions of the 'S' word: 0  It was snow if you were wondering (DOH!)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14: twinges and niggles

I almost talked myself out of doing a run today as I had already walked about 3-4 miles for work related things (posting letters and getting to meeting in a eco-friendly and healthy way) and my ankle was starting to feel a little niggly - yes, it is a proper medical description. But I thought a short jog would feel more like a 'proper' janathon effort. When I got out and actually felt pretty good, even got a decent pace going.

Then my body decided to remind me that I shouldn't try to push it too much and my knee started twinging. I always wear a knee support as a teenage injury (a stupid drunken incident rather than an epic sporting accident) makes it twingey (another valid medical term).  Like an old person it seems to get worse in cold weather.

Anyway I actually managed to do over  3 miles which I totally didn't mean to do. Also did some girly press ups, sit ups, squats and lunges when I got back home. Makes up for all the junk I ate at the weekend. Still waiting for my healthy-eating phase of Janathon to start...

Also just realised how much I use parentheses in my blog(sorry!)

distance: 3.2miles
time: 30mins25secs
work related mileage: 3-4miles (I am not including these in my official mileage)
twingy/niggly body parts: 2

Sunday, 13 January 2013

day 13 a strange kind of laziness...

Well, that felt like my first really proper winter run. It was barely above freezing and it was actually snowing!! I had planned to go to the gym today but I don't really like the gym unless its for a proper class. I find the treadmill/bikes/cross-trainer extremely tedious and really struggle through a proper session. I also wanted to get my exercise over and done with today and the gym doesn't open til 10a m (I was up rather early).  In my head the outside run was the lazy option. Going to the gym means packing a bag, putting on coat, walking to gym, coat off, onto machines, trying to do more than 5mins on treadmill and repeat for return journey home. In  my head, that sounds like a lot of hassle. Getting in the car, driving 2 miles and running outside in the snow, to my mind, seemed simpler. Overall probably not but that's my mind for you...

Was surprisingly busy for 9:30am in Portobello on a very grey Sunday but I suppose dogs need their exercise too.  I like this run as it is nice an flat - I would normally do it from my flat but that would be about a 6-7mile run there and back and I'm far from being ready to do that mileage so it was a 5km out and back run. I found the return journey hard and struggled to not slow down to a walk. I didn't but my pace went down from around 6.6 to 5.8. Finding it quite frustrating slowly getting my fitness back. My mum says I'm doing well to get from doing 1mile with difficulty to 4.5 in a few weeks but all I can do is remember how easy it was about 9 months ago. Just need to be less hard on myself I suppose.

I was going to post a rare photo but the upload thing isn't was one of the beach with a dog on it. It wasn't very good. It makes Portobello look rather grim and it isn't.

distance: 3.1miles
time: 29mins8secs

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day 12: how not to be a stylish runner

Brrrrr...its gone all cold and wintry again, but here in Edinburgh it was actually rather beautifully sunny (though as I type, the nasty clouds are starting to take over again). Still getting out the door about 11am I still managed to catch some of the sun. But it was freezing so all my winter-themed running gear came out. Now, I have quite a bit of gym/running related clothes but I never seem to look that good, especially not in winter.

I would love it if I could run all in black all the time - it took me a while to find decently priced black trainers - but I also like a bargain so my exercisy clothes come in various colours that appear in the sales. In winter I also tend to layer up things. This ends up with a colour clashing problem. Today for instance I had on black Nike tights on with pink panels  (you generally can't avoid pink women's running gear, especially in the discounted sections), a purple long-sleeved Karimoor running top and an old System of a Down T-shirt that had red writing on the front, which clashed rather badly with both the pink and the purple, and to round it all off some e-gloves with neon green bits on them. The catwalk was definitely not calling me. But hey, its not how you look that counts (thankfully) its the running part and I've had a pretty good couple of days. Still having to walk in places, especially up hills but in total today and yesterday I have mustered about 9miles.


distance: 4.6miles
time: 46mins 55secs
clashing running outfit: 1

Friday, 11 January 2013

Day 11: TFIF!!

Well, don't know about you but sooo glad its Friday...It's been a loooong week being the first week back to work, which mainly consisted of me chasing people for project updates and them ignoring me.  Not that I have much to look forward to this weekend other than resisting the temptations of wine-drinking, running and some reading of Anna Karenina. I could be going to an 'alternative' club night but really want to try for a quiet one and focus on my healthy goals.

Friday night running and was pretty impressed that I managed just over 4 miles. I had the usual 'urrrgh...really can't be bothered' Friday feeling but once I got out felt good. A rather uneventful run around the meadows except for some hoodie 'yoofs' getting rather dramatically picked up by the police. Not sure what they were doing that warranted the OTT arrival of 2 police van but the guy (who looked about 15) look rather pleased with himself in his own 'I-have-half-a-brain' way.

Anyway, its Friday so I have TV to slob in front of (Avengers Assemble DVD just arrived from Love Film!).

distance: 4.2 miles
time: 42mins

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 10: Too tyre-d to run

Blame JogBlog for the rubbish pun in the title :) I wasn't particularly tired really but the weather was cold and drizzly and just couldn't face running in it. My ankle is also feeling a little sore again so a day off the running is probably sensible. And once again I needed to go to the supermarket as after cat-sitting for my parent, I am back at my bare-cupboard flat. So a bike-ride it was. It also meant that I could try out my expensive new catseye bike light. It is VERY bright so does the job though still think £30 for one light is pretty expensive.

It was a fairly quick, easy bike ride through the park to Morrisons and very uneventful. You will also be pleased to know that I managed to resist the temptations of the crisps isle and limited myself to very healthy food. Was still a struggle to fit it all in my rucksack, forgetting I still  needed to fit in my rather heavy bike lock.

Hopefully back the the running and pun-free blog titles tomorrow.


distance: 4miles
time: 15mins (ish) - I forgot to take note of the time so its an estimate
bad puns: 1

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 9: back to running with (or behind anyway) the boyss

I’m back running with the boys again....which translates as our running collective has started up at work again, and since one of the only other girls to regularly come along has moved offices, I have become the sole regular lady-runner.

As I predicted post-last night’s yoga class a variety of muscles hurt so was actually looking forward to easing them off with a run at lunchtime. Was heartened to get a email say that as it was our first outing after the xmas break that it would be an easy run....liars. As it was the regular more seasoned runners (I don’t include myself in that category at the moment) that turned up we ended up doing a fairly non-gentle run up along to the Pentland hills. Yes, this meant even more hills, with me struggling to keep up with the boys. Don’t worry though, they did wait for me at the top. There was also a very muddy bit along back to the road, didn’t’ want to fall and damage myself with early on in Janathon so once again fell behind. Need to get myself some trail shoes methinks!

On the up side, it was a lovely sunny day and the views around the Pentlands are rather nice. It was also great to be running in the daylight again.

End note: JogBlog kindly mentioned that having tried to read my blog she couldn’t get past a splash screen asking to take part in a survey…if anyone has similar issues, can you let me know and I will compose a disgruntled email to the powers-that-be.

distance: 2.6miles
time: 28mins
sole lady-runners: 1 (obviously, though some may dispute the title of‘lady’ for me.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day 8: yoga 'n' all that hippie shit

Not really. I don't think yoga is hippie at all, though I do think a few hippies are into it (I have nothing against hippies by the way, just saying...have even been called one in my time...'hippiegoth' to be precise...but, I digress...

Today's post is a little rushed as I have Yoga in about 30 mins and I really wanted to go for a run after work as well, as yoga can't really be classed as exercise (though I may eat my words when my muscles hurt to buggery tomorrow!). So anyway, in between running, showering and yoga-ing, I am trying to cram in logging, blogging, twittering and facebooking...phew!!

I also realllly wanted to try and get more that 2-something miles in so I managed 3 and no more. Unfortunately to reach my 3 miles I had to run up more bloody hills. But thanks to 'get your ass up there' song of the day Korn's 'Here to Stay', and especially the 'Gonna break it down, gonna break it down bit, I managed to get to the top of the hill without stopping - Yay me!! Thankfully, as right at the top my iTunes playlist came to an end.

As does this blog. Sorry for any non-sensical sentences, and time for spell-checking/proof-reading!!

distance: 3.08miles (round that up to 3.1 for tidyness)
time: 31mins 31 secs
yoga-related sore muscles tomorrow: lots

Monday, 7 January 2013

Day 7: Grocery shopping and running don't really mix

Urrrgh. First day back at work - Yuck. But first full week of Janathon successfully completed - YAY!
As I was back at work today, it was the first run to be done in the dark (and cold and wet). There was no danger in me running before work as just getting to make the half mile walk to the office was struggle enough. So a post work jaunt was on the books.
When I got home, I was in a dilemma - I also needed to go to the supermarket for a few things, I was also hungry. My first inclination was to do a short run then drive to Morrison. But this would have meant running, showering, then going out again. Idea!! I could run TO the shops with backpack and run back with groceries. Two birds, one stone and no rush hour traffic. It would mean running a tiny bit further than I had planned and running with a backpack of groceries which didn't appeal, and I would have to do my shopping slightly sweaty and red faced... BUT it meant it would be quicker in the end and being lazy by nature, the quicker I could get back to sitting on the sofa is always good.

Getting there was fine - the tricky bit was the return journey. I probably got more than I envisaged so my backpack was rather heavy and once I started upping the pace, discovered my bag sounded like an over-sized maraca. Think it was the big bag of crisps (healthy eating plan starts tomorrow, honest!!), so felt ridiculous every time I passed another pedestrian. Didn't stop a tourist asking me for directions and despite growing up in the area I still wasn't 100% sure, so there might be a random Chinese person wandering the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Anyway, made it home without collapsing under the weight of not entirely unhealthy groceries.
Bring on Week 2!!

Distance: 2.6miles
time: 26mins
Lost Chinese tourists: 1

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day 6: dysfunctional water bottles and excuses for mid-run rests

Had to go out for my run without my water bottle today - don't what it is with me and dysfunctional bottles but they always seem to end up dripping or leaking. Cheap or expensive ones, makes no difference.

As I went back to leave it at home, it occurred to me that I don't really need a water bottle on a short-ish run. Anything over 5miles I would say take one but anything under that I should manage ok. But I like having one as it gives me an excuse to slow down/walk or stop during my run. That lead me on a line of thought that results in the 'theme' of this blog. I actually have a kind of collection of excuses I use to have short breathers on my runs, both long and short, and I figured - excellent a 'lets make a list' blog. nice and easy and I like to have one for every Janathon. so here it is! :)

  1. Stopping to take a sip of water (see above)
  2. Re-tying of laces - if you really need a break, just pretend they need re-tied
  3. Stopping to look at scenery - doesn't really work on a 'route round the crappy estate' run but great if you are near the country side or other 'nice place'
  4. Mid-run stretches - one of my favs and it's probably good for you
  5. Changing iTunes playlist. Fiddling with garmin/other electronic devices also works
  6. Navigating over muddy bits - not a very good one but I'm running out of ideas. Kind of works on off-road runs though, I think

Ok, I've run out of ideas here. But the above can be repeated throughout your run so that's really plenty.  Also, for a bit of balance thought I would include a good reason to not take a break an KEEP ON GOING: Spotting a hot, fit fellow runner and not wanting to feel like a overweight, unfit heifer - pick up the pace and look nonchalant.

Oh, and my run - not very interesting. a bit off-road muddiness and of course - bloody steep hills.

distance: 2.7
time: 27mins55secs
dysfunctional water bottles: 1
mid-run breaks: oh, a few

Saturday, 5 January 2013

day 5: the holidays are over

I don't like when things go back to normal this time of year. All the decorations are coming down, people are realising the shadow of doom looming as they ready to go back to work. But one of the saddest reminders that we are returning to normality is the discarded Xmas trees lying out ready to be taken by the bin men. I saw about 6 on my run today. They look all forlorn without their lights and baubles and with half their pine needles gone :(

It was a slow 2.5miles today as I went through Blackford park and the Hermitage where the paths were now reassembling muddy rivers with all the recent rain. Its a hilly route so had to walk it parts. I could have extended it by a mile or so but really don't want to push my luck with my ankle so kept to a short circle. After all the activity yesterday and a fairly late night (still very much a party atmosphere in the pubs - good to see not everyone is having a fun-free January!) this was plenty. I'm now spending the rest of the weekend tempting to read some more of Anna Karenina which I have been plodding slowly through for months.


distance: 2.55miles
time: 29mins6secs
push ups: 10 (slowing coming less weakling-like but still rather pathetic
discarded xmas trees:6

Friday, 4 January 2013

day 4: where I clean the flat

I felt like I'd done my Janathon effort without even leaving my flat today. I chose my last day of real holiday to do a winter clean of my flat.

I don't like housework. Hate would be more appropriate so I really do as little as possible, mainly to stave off rats (may not be that bad but you get the idea).  Anyway, I thought enough is enough, and as I have a friend coming over, who hasn't seen my flat I figured I'd better give it a good going over.

Anyway, got to lunchtime and as I put out the recycling and took in the fresh air and hint of sunshine I got an overwhelming need to stop the cleaning and go for a run. I'm already feeling a slight improvement and didn't need to stop and walk so much and even inched up the distance. Though I was tired the fresh air actually readied me for tackling the last hours' worth of cleaning.

Absolutely knackered doesn't cover how I felt after all that. If I made new year's resolutions, I should probably make one about cleaning more regularly so I don't have to have these mammoth sessions but it would no doubt last about 2 weeks before I reverted to my old untidy lazy ways.

Anyway, am blogging from my sparkly living room with a well deserved beer, feeling rather pleased with myself...wonder how long that will last?


distance: 4.1miles
time: 43mins
weakling-style press-ups: 10
flats all clean and tidy: 1

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day 3: Feeling like a newbie

Oh dear, what a struggle it was to get myself out and running today. Another unintended late night meant I really wanted to stay in bed rather than donning my running gear.  At least I wasn't as hungover as I was on day 1!  However, thanks to @BadWabbitTales and @runningman856 giving me a well-needed kick up the backside, I managed to roll out of bed and do a circuit of Holyrood Park.

I am still only managing to do run/walking, especially considering the steep hills in the park but happy with getting to the 5km marker. I do feel like a newbie all over again, especially seeing all the other seasoned runners out being all fast and impressive. My muscles are all starting to hurt after doing nothing other than raising a wine glass and watching TV but that means they are starting on their journey to being strong and toned again :)

So here's to it all getting that bit easier!

distance: 3.2miles
time: 38mins
impressive other runners that weren't me: LOADS

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day 2: from a walk to a jog...

...with a few pathetic attempts at some press ups thrown in. All in all though, I shouldn't have expected much today, this is my first venture out jogging for about a month and I think I may still be feeling the after effects of new years! It was a bit of a struggle to do my 2.3 route around the estate and I needed to walk in places (up any sort of hilly bits). Really felt it in my chest which is still recovering from illness. I knew I was not going to be contending for any kind of record for mileage for this year's Janathon, just want to give my running the kick start it badly needs!

It is going to be a hard journey to my half marathon in April but I am pretty determined to at least try to get my goal of a 2hour half marathon PB. I had meant to reach that goal last year but injury thwarted that...3rd time lucky I hope!

Onward and upwards!

distance: 2.3miles
time: 21mins
pathetic press ups: 10 (if half ones count?!)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Janathon Day 1: Starting as I don't mean to carry on

So, not the best start to the Janathon usual, after waaaay to much fun (and wine) at hogmanay I'm starting Janathon with a horrendous hangover. All possibilities of actually running properly were non-existent by 3pm but I did manage to go for a very muddy walk with my mum through the woods at the back of the house - I even did a concessionary 400m run on the downhill bit. Even that was a struggle.
out for my walk
Trying to look non-hungovery and energetic

I do plan to do lots more proper running this month though. After a 2012 plagued with injury and illness (tendonitis, whooping cough, pleurisy and a variety of colds) I am determined to get back to proper fitness. My goals for this are the Rock 'n Roll Edinburgh half marathon in April, which last year I crossed, or rather limped, the finish line then spent the next month on crutches and the Tough Mudder in August, which will most definitely need some major training for.

Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic Janathon. Look forward to readying as many blogs as I can and hope to chat with some of you on twitter :)

distance: 1.2 (ish) (with about 400m of jogging)
time: 40 mins
horrendous hangovers: 1