Sunday, 20 February 2011


Had a good few days recentlyl and actually feel that I'm making a bit of progress. Managed to do a 8.7 mile run on a Friday night - when really I would have probably rather been sipping beer and watching a DVD. Although, my post-run beer was particularly tasty :) And by getting a long run done on Friday meant that I could really appreciate a Saturday doing sweet FA!  I did have a fleeting thought of doing a gentle swim but I stayed in bed instead with a good book.

Feeling somewhat rested on Sunday morning, though my feet are still stiff and my ankles are cracking I managed a good 6.4 miles. I have to say I find longer runs easier when there is some nice scenery (though, today it was rather obscured by cloud) and a variety of landscape to run over, which today included pavement, gravel track and a whole lot of mud. My trainers are now looking impressively seasoned and well-worn - so much so that I have treated myself to some new ones via . I also got myself a nice fluro pink water bottle to do for my long runs which is a wee bit difficult to run with but holds more.

On the subject of drinking while running - I've been told by a variety of sources that you NEED to take fluids on runs over an hour but talking to my Dad he said he never took water with him and he did a marathon PB in 2 hours 49mins! It really does amaze me that he managed this as he also never really done many longer runs - he done one 17mile run but generally didn't do much over 8 miles. He is officially my marathon hero!! I know that I couldn't do a long run without water but it does make me think that I shouldn't overthink stuff like this.

Todays stats: 6.4 miles, 1 hour 7mins

Thursday, 17 February 2011

scheduling nightmare

I am being a wimp this week and haven't been running outside at all...although one day I couldn't run at all due to a nasty blister so made do with the cross trainer.  However, as I was using the treadmill I managed to do a couple of good interval and tempo sessions and also tried out an Audiofuel interval playlist which was good - quite nice having a bit of encouragment with the music. 

I'm also planning a good long run this week. Mainly due to the fact that next week is looking difficult....which brings me to the main theme of this post - scheduling marathon training with work (or in my case looking for work, and a social life). Now next week I have a gig I bought tickets to ages ago and am really looking forward to and the next day I'm travelling up to Aberdeenshire for work which means I'll not get back till that is already 2 evenings out for running. THEN on Friday it's my last day at work and have a leaving do which obviously means I'll be eating rubbish and drinking various alcoholic beverages. This ultimately means that Saturday will be a bit of a write-off. SO, that leaves me 2-3 days to do some running and probably not any particularly 'quality' sessions...Am I being a lasy runner or should I just try harder not to let my social life (and via that any type of drinking activities) infringe on my running?

Well as a compromise, I am going to use my leaving do as my last hoorah of partying before a knuckle down and concentrate on my running...and job hunting. It will be hard to let the social stuff take a back burner but I think the determination to do the marathon justice will win out :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And so the serious running starts...

This is my first blog after Janathon. I was sure I was going to carry it on, but I have found I have been missing the process of writing down my experiences and pondering on my thoughts about running and the thoughts I have while running. Being a blog-virgin, on the writing and slightly less so on the reading front, Janathon has introduced me to a variety of running-themed blogs which have been very entertaining to read, not to mention giving me a whole new  and much needed source of motivation and learning from others' experiences. This is particularly important for me as running is pretty much a solitary pursuit for me and having that support helps.

To be honest I'm not particularly bothered about whether people even read these - For me I feel it is more like a digital journal (my handwriting has always been pretty dire and it always seemed a shame to ruin nice journal pages with it). I am an pretty fast type so it seems easier overall. It also stops my small flat getting even more cluttered with stuff than it is already.

I'm sure while I am training for the Edinburgh marathon, the blog will continue to be very much running-themed but I will probably veer off into other subjects as I tend to do.

Anyway. on the running front...

...after some lovely post-Janathon rest days, I am starting my marathon training proper. I decided to 'ease' myself back into things with a cross-training session at the gym on Monday. The weather here is Scotland is still decidedly wintery there is usually a bit of will power involved in going for an out-door jaunt.

Tuesday I managed my first ‘proper’ full-on run, managing just under 5 miles. I was even more pleased with the fact that I managed to do one mile lap in less than 9 minutes, though I almost keeled over after it! But still not a bad start.