Thursday, 30 June 2011

day 30 - early and late risings

It would have been nice to have had a spectacular finish run. However, I did not get to bed until something like 6am so I only did a short run round Holyrood Park - a bit rubbish really. I did do a bit extra earlier when I decided to walk up the crags - a smaller hill in front of Arthur Seat. I managed to watch a particularly lovely sunrise - pics below. So it was certainly worth the effort and the fact that I didn't get up till this afternoon.

 So, my total Juneathon miles (for running anyway)is a pretty respectable 107 which has put me in 20th place. I know its not officially the end of until midnight, but as I have jogged, logged and am just about to finish blogging it is the end for me so am taking the stats as of this moment in time. It is also an improvement on my Janathon efforts where I had a total of 83 running miles but then it was cold, dark and often snowy so Juneathon had to be better really!

I did miss one day where I literally couldn't walk let alone run but overall I'm pretty pleased with my efforts.

Thanks to everyone who has read and commented, the support in what has been a pretty tough month has meant a lot to me. I have also really enjoyed reading others posts and have been inspired by everyone's efforts.

As I said in my last post, I do plan to continue with my more ambitious running plan and will be blogging too, though not every day as I think I would eventually run out of things to say.

Anyway, here are today's and my final stats:

Distance: 3.30mi
Time taken: 00:31:42
Average/Max Speed : 6.24/8.17 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:37/00:07:20
Calories: 395

Juneathon Total:

◦Run - 24 - 106.6 mi - 16.8 hrs
◦Bike - 2 - 14.5 mi - 0.8 hrs
◦Walk - 1 - 10.0 mi - 6.0 hrs
◦Cross - 4 - 10.9 mi - 1.8 hrs
◦Total - 31 - 142.0 mi - 25.4 hrs

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

day 29 - on writing and running

My run wasn't too exciting today - though I did pass my 100 mile mark!! I am well and truly knackered as well, but happy with surpassing my target (by 3 miles).

Today I wanted to say something about a book I'm reading. I've only been really getting more into my running since my marathon (and Juneathon has also helped a lot!) and this has meant I am starting to look at running related literature. My mum bought me Paula Radcliffe's 'How to Run' which was more a help with training rather than a proper read from cover to cover type book. Yesterday I bought Haruki Murakami's 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Running' and I'm already almost finished. I haven't read anything else of his but as a runner, with a great interest in writing and reading (I'm a English Literature graduate), I am really enjoying this and am finding it very inspiring. For all you Juneathoners - this guy runs EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR ROUND. And he averages 6 miles a day - I know, impressive! I share many of his sentiments and approach to running (though I will never be has hardcore as him)- I like doing it as a solo activity and am more interested personal goals than in competing with others. He also talks about writing and though the closest I will get to being a writer will be this blog - Like many English Literature students I have always like the idea that I have a novel in me (though I very much doubt this will ever happen).

Cant' believe its the last day of Juneathon tomorrow. Will miss all the banter and the routine of blogging every day and reading everyone elses. Having seen that others can run every day on a yearly basis I am going to try and go for 6 days a week, maybe not doing as much mileage but I am enjoying the routine of going out every day and, certainly as long as I'm still unemployed I will keep running to keep my spirits up and giving me something to get out of bed for.

Onto today's Stats:

Distance: 6.62mi
Time taken: 01:02:09
Average/Max Speed : 6.39/11.72 mph
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:24/00:05:07
Calories: 804

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

day 28- angry running

I will apologise for the downbeat blog entry now, I will keep it short. Even though the sun is shining I am in a rainy mood. Yet another job interview disappointment yesterday, which after a good start to the day really brought me down. This morning I just wanted to ignore the sun streaming through my window and stay in bed but Juneathon has got me this far though the month so I got up and faced the sunshine (making sure I had my factor 50 on).

Went my easy route along the Innocent cycle path taking it pretty easy after my 8miles yesterday.
I did have a good sprint in the last mile or so thanks to some angry music which really helps let off some steam. This is in fact one of my fav running tunes:

time: 39mins16secs
calories: 498
angry tunes: 1

Monday, 27 June 2011

day 27 - A perfect run

Now when I say 'perfect', I don't mean that it was a particularly fast or impressive run but rather I really enjoyed it and felt really good at the end. It was also perfect conditions-wise. I was out early before the rain set in and it wasn't hot. I was also running in the Pentland hills which meant fresh air, no traffic, hardly anyone out and beautiful scenery. I was going to do 6miles but was enjoying myself so much that I done an extra couple. This also meant getting to run over grass and winding dirt tracks which made a lovely change from the tarmac. As I said it wasn't a very fast run but there was quite a bit of serious uphill action so was actually pretty pleased with my pace.

Being out the countryside also meant that it was a record day for returned greetings from walkers etc. People are so much more friendly away from the city.

Overall a pretty uneventful run though at one point I almost ran into an oncoming van while I was looking down at my feet. I am hoping he would have honked the horn before he got a chance to run me over.

Also with this decent run I have only got 7.5miles to do before reaching the 100mile mark :)

distance: 8.01miles
time: 1:13:55
calories: 968
avg speed:6.5mph

Sunday, 26 June 2011

day 26 hangover run mark 2

I got home at 3am this morning. I was drinking from 5pm. I consumed white wine, beer and cider. I saw a pretty bad band in Whistle Binkies. I hugged my friend who's over from Australia about 10 times before letting him get in a taxi. I got up up 10:30 this morning and donned my running gear fearful that I would be sweating beer. Did one circuit of the meadows, thought I could maybe do another but then thought better of it. This has probably been my lamest Juneathon effort so far.

I am however now determined to get to the 100mile mark so will be putting in some good mileage in the last 4 days. I can't believe we are nearing the end once again. I will miss my virtual running friends. Juneathon has made what could have been a very bleak month more enjoyable.

Distance: 1.43 miles
Time: 13mins16secs
calories: a pitiful 172 (this will not make up for all the beer consumed last night)

Saturday, 25 June 2011

day 25 - park runs and wedgies

Got my run in early today as I have, for a limited period, got my social life back and am off out for lunch with a friend, then to a garden party (though it may turn out to be a house party if the current weather conditions stay the same). Then I'm off to the pub to see another friend who is over visiting from Australia.

So it was a drizzly lap round the meadows today. Was tired after my 9miler yesterday so took it easy - though much to my delight my 'easy' pace is a lot faster these days :)  Unfortunately it was a bit of an uncomfortable one as I was wearing a particular pair of pants that resulted in me doing a Rafael Nadal impression and continuously having to fight against wedgies - I know, lovely!

Anyway, my friend has arrived so I must cut this short. So on the stats:

Distance: 4.22miles
Time: 0:39:19
Calories: 467

Friday, 24 June 2011

day 24- buggy dodging at the seaside

Pleased with myself today as did my longest run since the Edinburgh marathon in May. It was silly not to take advantage of the rare nice sunny conditions. I did one of my fave long run routes which was down to the seaside at Portobello. I even did a half mile along the sand which unfortunately lead to getting said sand in my trainers. I had a pretty good pace going for the first half of my run and there was a nice atmosphere at the seaside with people sensing the presence of sun came out to wander along the promenade. On the downside a lot of these people included young couples with buggies and assorted little people dawdling around (I am not the maternal type). This created a bit of an obstacle course for me and coupled with quite a strong head wind on my journey back, my pace dropped a bit.

Was actually surprised at how comfortably I managed over 9miles and am having serious thoughts of going in for the Glasgow half marathon to see if I can improve on my time. Having said that it costs about £25 minimum to enter and I have no money. I thought running was supposed to be a cheap sport!

distance:  9.5miles
time:1hour 26mins
Avg Speed:6.6 mph
Avg Pace: 0:09:02
calories: 1024
buggies almost run into: about 10

Thursday, 23 June 2011

day 23- Well hellooo Mr Postie

Aahhh, the lovely fresh air!! Yep I managed to get outside today in between the banks of rain clouds I got a run round the park and actually saw the sun and some blue skies. 'Twas lovely. I was just going to do a straight forward run today but I noticed I was getting up a good pace so I thought I would stick to a circuit of the park and do a bit of a time trial instead. The big downhill bit halfway through did help but I also managed my quickest 5k time for a while.

I also did my run early this morning in order to catch my postman as I was expecting a package and didn't want it going back to the depot. He usually come just after 11am. I was home at 10am so I figured I had time to do some abs and weights before getting shower. Well, of course I had been in the shower a few minutes when there was a knock at my door - yes the postie was early! So I had to answer the door dripping wet, wrapped only in a towel...The postman look a little surprise but gave me what I thought was a bit of a naughty smile (he was rather cute as well-bonus!). But main thing is I got my package :)

distance: 3.52
time: 29mins45secs
surprised postmen: 1

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

day 22- mid-week quickie

And so the rain continues...and yet another gym visit...yawwwwn. Had to do a short session of 30mins on the treadmill as I had my second interview today which I wanted to do a bit more preparation for (though I doubt that did me much good overall). I also wanted the rest of the afternoon post-interview to go for a stress relieving drink with my lovely mum and dad.

After a slow start I actually managed to do get a bit of speed work into my 30mins. I have to say that treadmills seem to clock up the same mileage in a certain time no matter how fast/slow you go.

Now, can the rain please give it a rest pleeeese?? Or, I'll make do with making August an Indian summer in time for the festival :)

Distance: 5.12km
Time: 30mins 2secs
Cals: 334

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

day 21 - Rainy day Tuesday

What? Raining Again?? Yes!!  It is Tuesday, it is signing on day at the Job Centre and the weather sucks (it has done every signing on day since I started - coincidence??).  At first it was only a little drizzly and I thought I would still be able to brave a outdoor run but by the time I got home Arthur Seat looked ready to be engulfed in a big wet cloud so I wimped out and went to the gym.

To make up for the loss of effort that treadmill running means I really tried to push myself and put it on a 1% incline and increased the speed every 2 mins until I was running at a pace of 11 on the speed display on the machine.

Also did 20mins on the Ski machine and a circuits of weights and a short set of core/abs exercises.

Feeling suitably tired now but in that nice, endorphin-rush kind of way :)

Stats (Totals):
7.79 miles
1hr16 mins 20secs
cals: LOADS!

Monday, 20 June 2011

day 20 - the hills are alive with the sound of running

Despite my body still feeling the after effects of a wine-themed weekend I managed to get out for a run this morning before the inevitable rain comes along.

It could have been a much longer run but for two excuses  perfectly valid reasons: a) I was wearing my old and rather rubbish old trainers which I really only used at the gym and started to give me a blister at the 3.5mile mark and b) I was running over the braid hills, which are, unsurprisingly...well, hilly and so gave me a bit of a challenge anyway so didn't feel too bad not running that far.

My well intentioned plans for some serious running this week are being compromised by the continuing rubbish Scottish weather - for the week ahead it looks set to be rain, rain and more rain. Unless I man up a bit and face some wet-weather running, it looks set to be a boring gym-bound treadmill week :(

distance:4.50 mi
Time: 0:44:00
Pace: 0:09:46
Avg Speed 6.1

Sunday, 19 June 2011

day 19 - bands, booze and biking

Another hungover day. It was totally worth it though, as had a very late boozy Saturday night in which I discovered a brilliant band playing at a lovely local pub on the Cannongate.
Anyway, the upshot was I stayed in bed till around mid-day today and couldn't bear the thought of a run, so my bike once again came to the rescue. I decided to combine a my ride with a trip to the supermarket to pick up the Sunday papers along with some ingredients for the dinner that I was making for my lovely dad for Fathers Day (yummy risotto in case you wondered - it is my fail-safe dish).
It was an ok ride - although there were a couple of nasty hills where I could feel all the effects of my weekend of indulgence working their evil magic. 

So, not the best weekend on the Juneathon exercise front, but I had two excellent nights out so its all good really. Will be getting back on track tomorrow with the running.

Distance: 6.96 miles
Time: 40mins (or round about, not sure as I didn't have my garmin, or a watch on)
cals: not enough to compensate for the wine and food consumed on Saturday!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

day 18 - uuurggh

I did say my Juneathon efforts this weekend wouldn't be much to shout about and I was right. Today was my shortest ever gym visit. After a very good night catching up with some old colleagues, lots of wine and some very energetic ceilidh dancing I woke up this morning with a deserved hangover. But having already missed one day I was determined not to repeat this so I reluctantly and slowly got my gym gear on. Outside running was in no way going to happen as my head was throbbing and the rain was coming down with fierce abandon.

I struggled through 20mins on the ski machine. It was a pathetic session but I think it was just enough to appease my internal Juneathon coach. The rest of the day is going to be more pleasantly spent having a pre- wedding make-up trial with my bride-to-to friend and going for dinner.

distance: 3.02km
time: 20mins

Friday, 17 June 2011

day 17- pumping iron

I tried to motivate myself to run outside today, I really did but it looked cold and about to rain (which it turned out it was and it did) so I opted for the comfort of the gym. I usually don't like the gym, even in the quiet times. I get bored. However, today I rather enjoyed it and I think my legs thanked me for a break from the pavement pounding. It also allowed me to do a proper weights session - I did most of the machines apart from the chin-up one where you have to kneel on the pad (unless you are hardcore and do without) as my bruised knee prevents any such stance.  Usually I don't like going into this part of the gym as it is generally frequented by posing uni students who spend more time lolling on the equipment rather that actually doing anything. And another point - having your upper body twice the size of your lower body reaally isn't attractive!

I did do cardio as well. Only managed the treadmill for 26mins as the music videos were a bit crap - there is only so much sing-by-numbers R&B I can take. Though I did get a rare Placebo video which cheered me up. Also did 25 mins on the ski machine.

I won't be including this in my Junethon tally but will also be doing some more exercise tonight via some Ceilidh dancing. If anyone has partook of this they will know that it is a rather tiring activity but I do find that it is a lot easier when fuelled by alcoholic beverages in between dances :)

I have a feeling tomorrow will be a less energetic day!

Total distance: 8kms
Time: 51mins
Cals: about 539

Thursday, 16 June 2011

day 16 - I was fast (well, for a wee while!)

Today I decided to venture back into the realms of intervals, which I haven't done since my full on marathon training. I also did the session outside - I usually do it at the gym as being in the city centre, going fast for any length of time without having to stop and cross a road, avoid groups of uni students, is difficult. I went to the meadows which is round and can do nice circuits of it without stopping (loads of running clubs go there but tend to avoid these evening cause they make me look like I am going at a snails pace).

I used the Audiofeul 170bpm session which I didn't think I would manage all the way through, but I did and even managed to do one of my miles in 8:56mins which I was pretty pleased with. Now I don't know if it has anything to do with my running technique but I find the slower bits of these sessions that are at 150bpm really difficult to do - I tend to want to go faster and I even find it difficult to lengthen my stride enough. Still find the faster sections pretty tough.

Looking forward to a sociable weekend for once so I doubt I will be getting much mileage in but was happy with today's effort

Distance: 6.32miles
Time: 0:58:42
Max speed: 10.8mph
Avg speed: 6.5mph
Calories: 738

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

day 15 - getting my lovely legs out!

Getting back to normal, though my bruises are still hurting on downhill impact, as you can see my legs are looking rather pretty at the moment!

As with Janathon, I found with running outside after about half way through I was getting a little bored of doing the same routes over and over again and I'm finding the same this time round. So I went out today with no real route thought out. Before I left I had tones of energy and was dancing around my room to the radio as I got ready. Once I was out I slowly realised that this little pre-run warm-up may have ended up sapping my energy or it might have been the humid day. Ok it was only 17 degrees but since its only been reaching 14 it felt warm to me!! Anyway, what I thought was going to be a nice long run turned into a not particularly fast or long 5-ish miles.
The time it took may also have been due to me trying to have a text conversation with a friend.

To finish, just have to share the lovely mental image of a middle aged man cyclist with the obligatory lycra shorts on doing a bit of a warm up consisting of something that resembled humping thin air by grinding his hips back and forth - I know, not very nice!

Distance: 5.14miles
Time: 49mins18secs
cals: 582
horrible mental image of man in cycle shorts: 1

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

day 14 - is it the sunshine or an age thing

Today I was walking less like a shuffling zombie so I thought I would resume my running. Surprisingly it is actually easier to run than to walk, though I had trouble with the downhill part. Being such a nice day I decided to extend it. I went along the Innocent cycle route and back.

Today was also a record for the amount of returned smiles and greetings I got from various cyclists and fellow runners, walkers etc. It made me wonder whether it was on account that the sun was out and was having a cheering effect on people, though I also noticed that the majority of people who do return greetings are over a certain age...maybe the majority of younger people are just rude or least in my part of the world!

Also I managed to turn up to my job interview on the right day and time. I think it went ok though it was via video conference so that was a little off putting at first (I have actually never partaken in a video conference).

Overall not a bad day.

Distance: 6.01miles
time: 57mins 44 secs
Cals: 547

Monday, 13 June 2011

day 13 - bike to the rescue

Woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over. My midgie bites have been driving me crazy and I'm walking like a new-born deer (which is an improvement on yesterday!). There was no way I was going to manage to go for a run so it was up to the bike to save me from missing any more of my Juneathon duties. Wasn't too bad going either, despite having to do quite a bit of pot hole dodging and getting very muddy on the woodland track part of it. Unfortunately after the 50mile outing a few weeks ago, my gears have decided to not bother going into first so the up-hill sections were slow and I even gave up and got off and walked in parts.

I have to say I wouldn't make a mountain biker, I get scared going over tree roots and mud and muddy stones. I always go pretty slow over these parts. It doesn't help that I've had my bike since I was about 14 so isn't the most high-tech of things with the wheels skidding at the hint of mud and any type of obstacle

distance: 7.49 miles
Time: 48mins 8secs
itchy midgie bites: dozens (I've lost count)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

days11-12 - pain and more pain

I did not miss one day of Janathon, even on the cold, dark snowy days but today I have to sadly admit that I did not do my daily Juneathon activity (am very ashamed and disappointed in myself). I have a pretty good excuse though...thanks to a very tough climb of a mountain in Skye I can barely walk today, let alone anything more strenuous! I am also sporting 2 gashes and some serious bruising to my left leg due to a major tumble coming down said mountain. I am, however, very lucky it was not my skull that came in contact with the rocks that damaged my leg.  Despite the pain though it was a great day. The Isle of Skye is an amazing beautiful place and we were blessed with some wonderful weather and equally wonderful views around Skye. The assent started out with some arduous trudging through very wet marshy terrain. This eventually changed to very difficult scree and a steep incline up the very rocky path (though calling it a path would be stretching it a whole lot and I'm glad I was with some more experienced walkers).

I am happy to say I was 2nd to the top, though, I think I would have been first if I didn't have to faff around with my walking poles so much.

Once at the top we waited for the rest of the party to catch up and ate our sandwiches and admired the impressive views.

The descent was hard and I think I fell on my arse about 5 times. More scree and sharp rocks (including the ones responsible for my hurt leg) followed for what seemed like a long time. However, what followed wasn't much better.  Billy Connolly does a skit on the songs you get about our ancestors "marching through the heather" and makes the comment: "have you ever tried to march through heather?!" You don't - you stumble through it, making slow progress and wishing you had stayed at home instead off climbing a big hill. We returned to the waiting minibus cold, wet and in desperate need of a cold beer. It was worth it though.

We all had a big BBQ and drank lots of beers and subsequently got eaten alive by the renowned west coast midges.
I forgot my camera (doh!) so sadly I have no photos to share. I will be relying on my fellow walkers to share them with me later.

Normal Juneathon duties will resume tomorrow.

Stats (approximate as it was a rather meandering route and I didn't have my garmin):

Distance: around 10miles (all uphill/downhill)
time: 6 hours (including a lunch break and the summit.
calories: a lot, later made up in beer
big, painful gashes in leg: 2

Friday, 10 June 2011

day 10 downhill love

It's going to have to be a quick blog today as I'm preparing to head up to the Isle of Skye with some ex-work colleagues to take part in the Corbett Challenge to raise money for WaterAid (Donate here!!.) We have already raised an impressive £1,181.08. Also because of this tomorrow's blog will have to be done on Sunday as I will be technology-less (and hopefully drinking beer and eating burgers after climbing Garbh-bheinn in what looks to be cold and rainy conditions.

I done one of my fav runs but it was a little shorter as had taken my car and stopped off (its near my folks house where I would normally start off from). The reason this is a good run is that normally it is an exact 6.2 miles round route so is good for gauging times for a 10K. It also has some lovely views of Edinburgh and the east lothian coastline. The downside is the hills - and they are mostly all in the second half. I love going down them and this explains the slightly faster time than I normally manage as I cut off the really big hill at the end -  I don't like going up it and this is why I particularly enjoyed today's run as I didn't have to do it :)

Anyway, I'll miss the minibus if I don't get myself organised so here's the stats:

distance: 4.1 miles
Time: 0:38:07
big hills not run up: mm, at least 2

Thursday, 9 June 2011

day8- hats and gloves, seriously?

I think we should invent the seasons cause they aren't what they used to be. I mean its second week into june and there is talk of snow in the highlands (ok, on the mountainy bits but still!!). Out on my run, well it was more of a jog, I encountered a lady not only wearing long tights and long-sleaved top but a hat and gloves. I agree that it is hardly high summer temperatures here in Edinburgh - it is struggling to get to 15degrees celecius - but I think most people can managed without the winter gear.

Today I wasn't really feeling like a person who completed a marathon several weeks ago. Currently feeling lethargic and heavy so it was more of a laboured jog today. Although I have to say I went the opposite way round holyrood park which includes a long and rather steep incline. The upside to this is the last half mile is a lovely downhill bit which I do rather like to run down like a big kid, waving my arms about in abandon :)

I was originally going to add on the radical road bit of the crags on my way back but the wind had picked up so much that I thought it would be in danger off blowing me off the crags to my death, and plus it starts with another nasty hill so I was lazy and didn't bother.

distance- 3.3miles
time: 32mins52secs
calories: 392
runners in hat and gloves: 1

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

day 8 - a rare gym visit

8 days into Juneathon and my first visit to the gym. Partly due to my ankle (thankfully the pain seems to have eased now) and partly due to impending storm clouds- I don't fancy being struck by lightning - I decided to validate my monthly payment to my gym.

Despite having one of those mornings where I just wanted to hide under my duvet I was so glad I dragged my carcass up the road as I felt a lot better for it. I ended up doing a pretty decent session on the ski machine. I also managed to do a decent weight training session which I don't often do. I've always found doing weights a tedious part of the whole exercise regime and a particularly hard one. However, when I discovered my 62 year old mum can do proper press-ups, rather than the girlie version on your knees I came to the realisation that I should be doing more to build my upper body strength.  So I'm taking advantage of a nice quiet gym and do a full circuit of the weight machines - apart from the ones that I can't work out how to use without causing myself serious injury.

I am still pretty far off even doing the girlie push-ups properly I feel I am making a bit more of an effort.

distance- 7kms
time- 40mins
calories- 489

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

day 7 -

Well, on the running front a pretty decent one. Not very eventful but at least the rain, thunder and lighting waited until later in the day.  I did notice afterwards that my recent, albeit short lived, stint of high heel wearing is resulting in familiar shooting pains in my ankle. Hoping it doesn't develop into anything serious.

In my other main activity of the moment - job seeking - I didn't have such a good day. I actually managed to turn up to an interview a whole week early! BIG FAIL there. Will in future always double check the date and avoid assuming the day referred to is in the current week. (To be fair to myself, the date had been changed and I have had other interviews recently so it got a little confusing!)

well, on to the stats:
distance: 4.56miles
time: 37:42
Avg page: 8.55mi/h

Monday, 6 June 2011

day 6 - grumpy run

I'm afraid I'm not in a particularly cheery mood today as I received another job rejection email and had to fork out over £300 to insure my not-really-worth-much-more-than-that car and this was all before 10am. In light of this I will keep this short to prevent any gloomy ranting.

Did quite a cathartic, fast (well, for me anyway) run round the estate where my folks live. It was cold though (is summer ever going to last more than 1 day in a row this year?!) so done one 2 mile-ish loop.

Hopefully I will be in better mood tomorrow - Have another job interview to prepare for-happy days :)

Distance  2.13 miles
Time: 19mins 04secs
Avg: 6.7m/h
max speed: 10.8m/h

Sunday, 5 June 2011

day 5 - should have had breakfast!

Today was a difficult 5 miles. The grave mistake I made was going out thinking a cup of coffee and some blueberries would see me through my run. I didn't. Also, a lot of that 5 miles consisted of uphill running. Should have had my porridge. I have learnt a few lessons running-wise over time and I thought I would use today's entry to list as few of them (OK, its a bit lazy but there you go)

  • coffee and blueberries will not carry you through a 5 mile run
  • wear sunscreen if you don't want some unflattering running gear tan lines
  • be careful when faffing around with your Garmin - you may end up walking into a lamp-post or falling on your face
  • Don't plan a 10K race and a friends leaving night out on the same weekend. (not my best time)
  • On long runs, always take bus fare/mobile phone (I once had a very painful 5 mile walk following a 10mile run)
  • watch where you put your feet in popular dog-walking areas
  • smile at other runners - it brightens everyone's day and its not hard to simply be polite (I always smile and have had some murderous looks in return - grumpy bastards!)
  • slow down when dogs are around, they will either run after you, prompting fears of being bitten or you will inadvertently step on one (especially the small yappy-type dogs)
I'm sure there are more but that's all I can come up with today.

Distance: 5.3 miles
Time: 55:26
Average speed 5.9m/h
Calories: 634

Saturday, 4 June 2011

day 4 - running as hangover cure??

I wouldn't recommend running with a hangover, but due to Juneathon commitments, today I was forced into doing just that.  It was also my first hangover for a while thanks to marathon training so it was a particularly bad one. The journey to said hangover was worth it though - I have to say it was rather nice being out on a Friday, (a hot sunny one at that) sitting out drinking wine, forgetting about the job-interview ordeal I endured earlier that day and the fact that I can't really afford to be out drinking!!

Got through the next morning by staying in bed the decamping to the living room to dozily watch some episodes of Friends (for the millionth time possibly). Finally I reluctantly put my running gear on and braved the outside world - one which had got decidedly colder overnight!!  Surprising I managed about 4 miles at not a bad pace (around a 10 minute mile average).  Also got peeped at by a couple of passing motorcyclists (assuming they were the vehicular equivalent of a wolf-whistle) which my feminist side would just roll her eyes at but another part of me was secretly happy about, considering I'm not feeling particularly pleasant-looking.

Being Saturday night I'm sipping a glass of vino whilst tapping away...though will be limiting myself to the one tonight!!


distance: 3.9 miles
time: 39 mins
calories: 424
appreciative motorcyclists: 2

Friday, 3 June 2011

day 3 - early but short

Up and out by 7:30am!  Haven't been out this early since...emmm Janathon. Needed to get it done early as I have a job interview later. I could have done it after but I am planning on going to the pub later and I didn't want to have to shower and reapply make-up/re-do hair etc so woke up to the alarm and blue skies. Was surprised at how many people were up and out jogging too - I have been unemployed too long and mistakenly believe that the streets are still quiet at 8am (well my street is rather quiet so gives a false impression)

Was only a short one today as I need do some last minute interview prep. I always seem to do loads just to render it all rather pointless by letting nerves get in the way and screwing it up anyway.  But going to try my very hardest not to let that happen this time!

Distance2.1 miles
Time: 0:19:38
Avg/Max Speed: 6.3
Avg/Min Pace: 0:09:28

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Day 2 - summer running

Today is officially summer in Edinburgh. After all my moaning about the wind and unseasonable temperatures I was looking forward to getting out for a run in the sun...that is until I had run 1/2 mile up the hill and caught myself thinking that running when its hot is not always that great.  I am also adding to my already weird looking tan lines - you can quite clearly tell where my running tights stop and my socks begin. One of my hands is also browner than the other after a very long cycle ride a week ago. Need shorts I think, or a much higher sunscreen - after all a goth with a suntan is plainly just wrong!

Anyway, back to my actual run....due to heat and my still suffering from the sniffles I cut my run short to one lap of the meadows (where people were mocking my sweaty self by lounging in the sun building BBQs and drinking). Was glad to return to my decidedly cooler flat.

distance: 4.2miles
time: 40mins
cals: 475

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 1 - The wind tunnel challenge

In memory of my first Janathon, I started Junathon recovering from a cold. And to add to the fun, my toe is still recovering from a traumatic blister incident from its first marathon experience. 

Due to these conditions I am easing myself into running again. I had a bit of a trial run (oh look - pun!!) in the gym and only managed 20mins on the treadmill before finding it uncomfortable.  For my offical start to Juneathon, I ventured outside for a well loved circuit of Holyrood park.

Now, Scotland has been getting a bit battered by some nasty winds in the last few weeks - It was particularly bad on Edinburgh marathon day (I'm sure it added a good 5-10 mins onto my finish time!). Well, it is still going and Holyrood park is a bit of a wind tunnel, and sadly said wind was not helpfully pushing me along from behind but pushing me back as a struggled to gain some forward momentum, whilst giving me a bit of a bad face-lift look.

Anyway, not too bad for my first outside run since the marathon.
Stats(which were supposed to be from my garmin but I screwed up the settings and forgot to start the timer so this is from previous knowledge and looking at my watch!):

distance: 3.1miles
Time: 30mins
calories: I'm guessing around 300, what with the extra effort for running against the wind.