Friday, 31 January 2014

day 31: ending hardcore-style

As this has not been my best Janathon, effort-wise, I thought I would put in the extra effort on this, the last day (sniff). Due to the not-so-good weather outlook I stayed in to do a P90X DVDs. I was only going to do half of the plyometrics as it is super-hardcore. Think metafit or insanity but an HOUR of it. But my hard-ass other half wasn't letting me away with it so I did it all, even though my legs were still suffering from my last P90X effort (can you hear the little violins??)

So an hour and much sweating later, I have done my last Janathon of 2014 and celebrating with a glass of wine (another theme of the month - dry January - not for me!!!).

Hope everyone has enjoyed it. I know I have not been engaging as much as usual and I have been TERRIBLE at reading others blogs, for which I apologise profusely. I don't know where my time has gone :(
Not sure what other folk have lined up for the rest of the year. I have my 3rd Rock 'n' Roll half marathon in June, which my old dad is doing with me which I think is great as he has a gammy leg from an accident where he needed extrensive bone and skin grafts on his legs so, that he is doing a half marathon at 64 is inspiring. Whatever eveyryone is doing - good luck and see you for Juneaton!!

distance: 0 - a lot of jumping about in my living room though
time: an hour
muscles that will hurt tomorrow: most of them

day 30: the dinner party that over ran

There had to be one blog that was writing in the early hours! My first day back at work, with a drop in event in the evening, so I  didn't get home til after 8pm. I also had a dinner party to go to for 9pm. Not a huge amount of time to work with. So, it was decided to fast walk/run to our friends flat who lives about a mile and a half away. I aslo pulled Ian along with me - ok, he was pulling me when there were any hills to go up!

I reckon we ran enough of the way there to qualify this as a Janathon-effort. I even felt out of breath for a wee while! And fast forward 25 min,  here I am having stumbled back full wth polish dumplings and vodka, trying to get this blog writen b fore my eyes cross,

I am determined to do at least another proper janathon effort-  i have nothing planned for tomorrow so hopefully it will be a good opportunity to a decent, last session.

distance: 1.4miles
time: 21mins
Eyes trying to close while writing this: 2

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

day 29 slacking punishment - P90X

Well, the holiday is over - I'm back home with a pile of washing and the prospect of work tomorrow :( I also decided to punish myself for yesterday's pathetic excuse for exercise by doing a P90X DVD.

I did the Legs and Back which is basically lots of types of lunges, squats and other evil leg exercises interspersed with pull ups, which I couldn't do, mainly because I have rubbish upper body strength but also because I have no equipment in the flat to allow me to do them anyway (which I am secretly happy about). I did some lat pulldowns with my rubber resistance bands instead.

I think I may be very sore tomorrow, with a likelyhood of not being able to least we are only a day or so away from the end!

distance: none - all strength stuff
squats and lunges done: enough to maybe need crutches tomorrow

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

day 28: exercise...mmm debateable

Not technically a fail - I DID do what looked like exercise. 10 easy press ups and 10 sit ups before going to the pub?? Not exactly the best workout in the world but it is the best that was going to be got out of me today.

It was a more DVD watching day. We had loosely planned to go for a walk but a bit of a hangover from yesterdays activities and more rainy weather stopped that.

I did however, manage a bar-push up!!

actual janathon exercise done: very little
pints had at the pub: 2 (at the moment)

day 27: I did run...the blog, not so much

OK, so my first official fail of the month. I kind of thought it might happen this week. Though I totally did run. Only 1.5miles but still, it counts. And it could be argued that I wrote the blog in my head. I just didn't get round to putting it onto computer. Anyway, excuses aside. The day was wet, cold and generally miserable and we ended up staying in, drinking wine and watching dvds until about 1am. It was just soo warm and cosy with the fire that we just couldn't even face putting proper clothes on and doing the 1 minute walk to the pub.

So, there you go, my first Janathon 2014 and it was worth it. My holiday rocked.

distance: 1.54 miles
time: 15mins
Janathon fails this year: 1
dvd's watched on this day: a large pile
wine consumed: way too much

Sunday, 26 January 2014

day 26: screaming children and yoga

I was on auntie duty today so I feel like I did enough exercise by running around after a 3 and a half year old. We also went to what I now think of as one of the circles of hell - a soft play centre. Now I had never been to one of these - at least not as an adult and I hope I don't need to again any time soon. A room full of small children running about screaming - Not my kind of thing. Don't get me wrong - I love my niece but it doesn't extend to most other children. I will admit to kind of enjoying the ball pit though :)

Despite all this activity I still felt that I had to do some 'proper' exercise. It being pitch black in the country side and with the addition of potential blizzard conditions, Ian suggested we do some P90X yoga. Now this DVD is 1hour30mins and i was like, 'That a lot of intense yoga', and we would end up having dinner at 8:30pm. But Ian was like, we have to do the whole forward 30mins into the DVD and Ian is all, 'I think thats enough' - light weight. However I wasn't doing on my own so we stopped and opened a bottle of wine instead!

time spent running after small child: about 4 with a break for lunch
P90X yoga completed: 30mins
number of small children having a crying tantrum: at least 4

Saturday, 25 January 2014

day 25: I got blisters on my feet!!

More walking today. but no running. I think between wandering around Keswick several times and a braving of the elements to walk some of the way round Derwent water, we covered more ground than yesterday. With it getting dark, the threat of even more rain, and blisters half the size of my actual toes on both feet, meant collapsing onto the couch and getting the fire going.on my return home.

Not sure what I'm going to manage tomorrow as the weather forecast is even worse than today's!

Still, along with all the walking we also managed a visit to the pencil museum which was surprisingly good, especially the miniature pencil lead sculptures, one of which was Batman :)
I am currently writing this in the local pub where they are having a burns night. I think we are the only two Scottish People here.

distance: I would say around 6miles
time: no idea as there was lunch breaks, shopping breaks etc
pencil museum's visited: 1

Friday, 24 January 2014

day 24 who needs pyjama planking when you have outdoor lakeside planking!

As planned I'm sitting in the local Greystoke pub with a pint beside a log fire using the free wi-fi. Didn't go running today but managed to do some proper hill walking - which definitely felt like proper exercise.

And I even done some planking. Nevermind planking in the comfort of you pyjamas in your house. I planked out in the wilderness, beside Buttermere lake to be precise. I reckon I managed to hold each for about 40 seconds.

Hill walking in the winter has its pros - we were practically the only people braving the elements and the mountains look very majestic covered in snow. However there are down sides. It was pretty wet and I managed to at least once put my foot in a rather deep puddle/bog. Much to the, albeit brief, amusement of Ian - he stopped laughing when he did the exact same thing - instant karma!

Now be impressed with my planking!!

distance: didn't measure it but at guess around 5miles
time: around 3 hours
feet in bogs: at least 2 (yay for waterproof boots!)
outdoor, lakeside planks: 2

Thursday, 23 January 2014

day 23: The weather hates me

Its HOLIDAY TIME. Yes, I am not working today. Instead I'm getting ready to go on holiday which meant a quick trip to the gym this morning. I wish I could say I was jetting off to some sunny exotic place but we are driving down to the Lake District. And the forecast is WET, RAINY and WINDY :( But that will not stop me having a good time. I am packing heavy duty waterproofs so I can stomp around in puddles, not caring about getting wet and generally behaving like a 5 year old. Oh, and I'm taking a shitload of DVDs to keep us entertained along with plenty of wine and beer :)

The gym was fairly quiet - though not as quiet as I thought it would be. Surely all the students should be fast asleep at this time?? But no, this generation seems to be up and exercising - one of which, in a tartan skater skirt, surely not very practical for running in, and certainly not a particularly good look?

I did a cursory 20 mins on the ski-machine and then went on the weight machines. of these I did 2 sets of 12 of each of the following Chin-ups, tricep dips, lateral pull-downs, bicep curls, and seated rows.

No stats today, as I have already listed them.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

day 22: Slacking tempation defeated!!

Slacking was on the forefront of my mind on the way home from work today. Gym class cancelled once again - I wouldn't have made it anyway due to the pre-holiday getting-everything-sorted-at-work-before-practically-running-away-from-the-office process which left me leaving the office 45mins later than I had hoped. Needless to say it was a long, hard day. And I was in no mood for getting the running kit out. But thanks to some anger-related adrenaline I threw on my kit and smashed a 5 miler round the meadows. Slacking temptation totally defeated!!! Go me!

And now, I am free of work for a week, swapping auld-reekie for the clean and green atmosphere of the Lake District.  This probably means that due to the not-so-reliable mobile reception my blogs may be rather short. However, the local 1-minute walk-away pub has wi-fi, so that's a good excuse for a temporary pint-a-day routine for the week - yay! :)

I should really go pack but why change the habit of a life-time - I'll do it tomorrow before we leave!

distance: 5 miles (the longest run so far!)
time: 45mins 56secs
days I don't have work for: 7 whole freaking ones
emails I'll probably come back to: 100s

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

day 21: where my Run Keeper App lies to Facebook

I ususally use my garmin forerunner when I go running but I have an issue with it taking AGES to find satelites. So I sometimes use Run Keeper on my smart phone. It finds satelites dead quick even though it says the signal is weak.

I actually did a proper lunchtime run today and it was FREEZING out there. Definitely a Janathon misery day! It did make me want to run pretty fast so I did a decent 4miles in 40minutes. I know this doesn't sound too impressive but I live in the land of hills and at the time it was windy and muddy.

Run keeper should auto upload to twitter and facebook. Not only did it not upload to Twitter but it uploaded false data to facebook. Telling people I ran 0.1 miless in 0.11 secs. Really, I know I haven't been giving it my all this year but I'm not that bad!

Anyway, I'm going to log it properly on Running Free, which also has stopped uploading my efforts onto Twitter meaining I have to do it manually. It also doesn't let me sign in with my social media huh?

Ok, Stats!!

distance: 4.06miles
time: 40mines
Lying Phone Apps: 1 (i got told off for not doing a 'fun' stat' last night)

Monday, 20 January 2014

day 20: a Janathon blog disguised as a film review

It was a lunchtime quickie today (minds out of the gutter people!). No, I did a short run as a break from a pretty full on day at work. Originally I was going to do a double whammy and run at lunchtime and do my body blitz class in the evening. Until I saw that the Wolf of Wall Street was on at my favourite cinema. So my janathon effort turned into a very quick, and muddy sprint (except for up the very steep hill part) before getting back to the office chaos.

My diminished exercise effort was worth it. I would def recommend Wolf of Wall Street. Unless extreme drug-taking, sex scenes and A LOT of swearing upsets you that is...but then if that was the case you wouldn't go near a Scorsese film anyway, and you would be missing out big time. This is right up there with Goodfellas and Casino, which is lucky as they are supposed to be a bit of a trilogy..according film-types. And it is funny. One particularly hilarious scene is where Leonardo DiCaprio suffers a delayed reaction to taking a whole lot of past-their-sell-by-date Quaalude pills. There are a some serious moments in it, especially towards the end but overall, I would call this a comedy though others may disagree.

Anyway, this is turning into a bit of a film review so I will sign run wasn't that interesting anyway.

distance: 2.3 miles
time: 21mines

Sunday, 19 January 2014

day 19: leaving the girls at home to tackle muddy hills

We are up at my parents today so I decided to get the trail shoes out and brave the muddy puddles. While I was out getting down and dirty, I left Ian and my mum to play with make up. She has bravely volunteered to be a model for his college course.

And it was proper muddy. I started off on at a decent pace but as soon as the hills appeared I started struggling. My knee had decided to play up today so that probably hindered me too.

I am definitely planning to enter a trail run this year. As my parents have got this place down in the Lake District, I thought that would be a perfect opportunity to get more trail running done. There's a variety of  10Ks and half marathons to choose from. I definitely prefer trail running, it just seems far more interesting and I like the fact you have to think about where you are putting your feet.

I returned to my mum all made up and knocking back the wine. My dad insisted on taking a photo of us. Me, post-shower and make-up free and my mum with a full on face. I had to post it :)

distance: 4.26miles
time: 45mins 52secs

Saturday, 18 January 2014

day 18: where I get a male model boyfriend (for an afternoon)

Yep, my other half is spending the afternoon getting all made up and (I am only widely speculating) prancing in front of the cameras today. So I did the altogether less glamorous thing and went to the gym. One good thing came of it was that I actually managed to put in a pretty good effort and achieved a total mileage of 10kms! The best so far for this month.

I didn't actually set out to do that much, figuring I would probably do about 30mins running and 20 on the x-trainer, but I do like a nice round number and 10 is perfectly round.

I had hoped to post a photo of my boyfriend with his photo-shoot face-paint on but he left to retrieve his phone charger and is not back 

distance: 10km (5 running, 5 elliptical machine)
time: 1hour 2mins total

Friday, 17 January 2014

day 17: blog brought to you today by wine

I had today's blog all ready in my head while I was out running today, witty title and all...that was 3 hours ago. Since then I have had a few* glasses of wine and have totally forgotten what these things were. Of course, as per usual, this was not the plan, after work I was going to go to the gym and do some interval speed running training. But when I got home we had a visitor. Not one to reject my hostess-ly duties, I didn't want to be rude and bugger off to the gym for an hour or so when we had a guest. So I did what is turning out to be my signature Janathon 2014 run: a short 2.5miles loop round part of holyrood park and Abbyhill. At least it wasn't least not while out running, it was definitely raining when I went out to buy more wine and nibbles.

After which I played good hostesss, making sure people had enough wine and pizza. My guest has now left so am finishing off the wine, watching Monty Python's Holy Grail and providing cuddles to my invalid boyfriend :)

distance: 2.49miles
time: 23mins 23secs
bottles of wine got through: 3.5
number of forgotten blog titles and content: 1

Thursday, 16 January 2014

day 16: doesn't work well with children or ill people

For once, I actually got out in the sunshine (though it was freezing) for my run YAAAY! That was despite the fact I had LOADS to do at work. I just went into super efficient mode got it done, went out ran one of the shorter circuits near my office, then back to it.

I think on top of my run, all the rushing around at the office, flying up and down stairs to different - but still defective - printers, everything constituted an extra Janathon effort today. Not to mention the running from a church to a Matalan and back in a dress and my new rock boots - FYI was at a work public information event, not some weird mid-week, late afternoon wedding - to move my car and avoiding a parking fine.

After all this, finally got back home, very hungry and tired, bottle of wine in hand, to find the boyfriend laying in bed groaning. Now I have shown sympathy (this time it is illness related pain) but when it comes down to it I'm really just not good around ill people. My mum was a district nurse....I really didn't inherit whatever enabled her to do that kind of job! The same goes for children, with, of course, the exception of my niece - though I'm even very happy to hand her back when a crying session begins!

So anyway, I really must get back to my wine and get my dinner, since my layabout (sorry, ill) other half rests.

distance: 2.68 miles
time: 25 mins 01secs
extra work-related running around: I would say about an extra 2 miles at least!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

day 15: today's (not so) hot look - the drowned rat

Once again all my plans went south exercise-plan wise, for which today, I generally blame the boyfriend and his college lecturer. The reason for this...I had originally booked a body pump class for this evening, but this finishes very late and I would miss out on my one night where I get the flat to myself...

So, I cancel my class thinking I can do a P90X work out and show the boyfriend up by not whining about sore muscles. Then I get a message from said boyfriend saying the class has been cancelled due to lecturer being ill. So, bang goes my quiet night to myself and no class to go to (it being January, spare class spaces go very quickly). So, outside run it wasn't raining when I got home and it wasn't forecast...then I get outside and guess what - pissing it down! So I think - its only rain, it will ease off, I can still do not too bad mileage wise. But no - rain gets heavier so I now think, fuck this - I'm going home!

So 2 and a half miles around part of holyrood park (the part with at least car-headlights for some guidance), I return home looking rather moist. Due to the lack of miles I thought I had better do some weights - I managed about 10-ish mins before giving up, going for a quick shower and a Guinness, cause obviously I deserved a treat :)

Just realised how many times I have started a sentence with 'So'.

distance: 2.5miles
time: 21mins
Janathon plans scuppered: a few
number of 'So's' in this blog: 6, including this one

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

day 14: where my boyfriend is a big girls blouse

2 weeks into doing exercise every day and my boyfriend has been sitting about doing very little until yesterday when he decided to get back into his P90X regime. I did this when I was training for the tough mudder and it is very hard but sweet Jesus! the amount of groaning and moaning about sore muscles I am having to endure! Evidently not even close to being hardcore to be a Janathon-er!

I actually pushed myself the hardest I have done this Janathon. And I actually made it to Spinning early just in case. So of course the instructor was late, typical. 

I have to say this half-way point is where the exercising everyday starts to loose its novelty factor. But just to make sure I keep showing my other half how its done, I will endure :)

distance: 19.6 kms
time: 52 mins
non-hardcore big girls blouse of a boyfriend: 1

Monday, 13 January 2014

day 13: on backwards and inside-out (with an extra free mini-gym etiquete rant)

Its been one of those started not too bad. I actually managed to get home from work in plenty (or so I thought) time to get ready for my spin class, which I have been trying to go to for weeks and weeks, way before even xmas got here. Put my gym stuff on. And here's where it starts going awry. Was walking around the flat getting things I needed and my running tights just didn't feel comfortable, it was only on a visit to the bathroom I discovered I had put them on backwards. Doh! Well at least I managed to notice before going out the door.

Clock check told me I still had plenty of time...damn clock lied to me (ok, I didn't look properly) so ended up having to run full pelt to the gym only to be about 1-ish minutes late. Then the stupid, start-bang-on-time instructor said I couldn't join in as I missed the (apparently shortest ever) warm up.  Gaaah.

So into the gym to do the cross-trainer...booooring. It is here that I discover that I managed to put my top on inside-out too. I suppose it could be worse - I saw a girl pass with what I can only think she thought were  'quirky' patterned running tights on which in reality looked like the designs they use on hotel carpets, or curtains in bad 'Scottish' b&bs.

Here, I would like to insert a mini-gym-related rant. If you are on the treadmill - USE IT. Do NOT stand there for 15mins talking to a friend. It is January, it is busy. If you want to chat, get off the f@*$ing machine and go chat somewhere else and let someone else actually wants to run on it!!!. If I had been waiting I would have gone and growled at her...And, rant over :)

I have spin booked for tomorrow...hopefully I will make it!

distance: 6.82kms
time: 45 mins
pieces of clothing on the wrong way round: 2
spin classes attended so far: 0

Sunday, 12 January 2014

day 12: a few layers away from sensible (and my hair finally gets dyed!)

My first morning run of Janathon '14!! Yay! Was out before 9am for a circuit of Holyrood Park. Evidently ignoring the weather forecast I had just looked at I went out in my usual tights, long-sleeve top and gloves combo...I quickly discovered that several layers of thermal under-garments, top and bottom, and a hat would have been sensible additions to this outfit. It was freeeeezing! I did get a pretty, frost-dusted view across the city and over the firth of forth though.  By the time I got home I could only feel my feet and hands.

So run done nice and early, there was really no excuse not to do my hair...and so we did. I am now sporting a nice bright red for the most of it with cerise underneath - its a bit more purple than in the pic. Would have been better with a bit more of the cerise it still looks really cool :)  I had to match it up with my purple hoodie and, although you can't see I have some rainbow stripey over-the-knee socks on too.

distance: 3.5miles
time: 36mins 42 secs
extra running layers needed but not worn: at least a few
colour in hair: 2

Saturday, 11 January 2014

day 11: not what Saturdays should be for

I knew it was coming but part of me was trying to ignore it...tidying up the flat. I like my weekends for fun things, this never includes ANY kind of housework/DIY. But I suppose sometimes I have to act like a proper adult (humph!).

There was no partying on Friday night so we would be all fit and ready for it. Even then we only got started at 10:30am. I was also wanting to get a run in during the day, in the sunshine which again was making a rare appearance. Come 12:30, while much had been achieved, we are still far from where it needs to be. And I was already knackered to boot. Still, for the first time in a while you can see the majority of the living room floor - wish I could say the same for the bedroom, and the pile of shoes/boots have been temporarily re-located. But still...not bad for 2 messy people :) Was going to post a pic but my phone is behaving badly grrr

So then a later than planned lunch happened, and my run still hadn't...then we watched Sherlock Holmes and then some more TV (damn you Netflix!!). Not that I could have gone out running after the sizable plate of chilli I had!

By this time I was too full to run and after being up at about 4am an afternoon nap was called for, so there I was once again, preparing for a run in the dark...sigh...this would never have happened in past years (not, cough, blaming anyone, cough, for that). Anyway, as someone was still in bed (and still is as I write) I thought I might as well make it a half-decent run, so managed just under 5 miles. Nowhere that interesting, just around the posh houses of The Grange, which means quiet roads and pavements, and despite trying to avoid icy patches.

So, at least a good attempt at running was achieved and a small to medium dent in the sorting-out-of-the-flat, but still go a way to go - I have a feeling my Saturdays are going to be a little less fun for the next wee while.

distance: 4.89miles
time: 47mins47secs
room sort-of-tidyed: 1
days of tiding still to come: quite a few!

Friday, 10 January 2014

day 10: late night running

Well, it was late night for me - any kind of exercise after 6pm on a Friday night I would class as late. Running on a Friday night feels strange. There were a few other fellow runners out but most sensible people were on the way to the pub, or preferably in it. Feeling jealous of all the folk off out and sitting all cosy as I huffed past pub and restaurant windows.

No pub or drinking any kind tonight for me tonight. After my 4 miles round the meadows and back there was just time for a nice curry before hair dying duties had to start, in fact I am sitting writing this with a sainsbury's plastic bag on my head waiting for the bleach to do its thing which is making my head incredibly ITCHY.....arrrrghghgh!!

We are going for a 2-tone pink/red thing this time...maybe will get a chance to post a pic up in tomorrow's blog :)

distance: 3.9miles
time: 36mins 42secs

Thursday, 9 January 2014

day 9: shortest blog of the month featuring flying toast

This is another sort-of tradition. A very short blog due to having to run to some social engagement (though usually something not nearly so posh sounding).
So, I ran round the meadows, not much happened.

Only event worth commenting on is at the end as I was stretching off just outside my flat I was almost hit by a piece of flying toast delivered along with other bits of food coming out of a flat above me. The delightful occupier of said flat does this a lot apparently. My boyfriend told her she really shouldn't and he got abuse back. I live in a nice place....

anyway, I need to run (to my dinner thing)...and this wasn't so short afterall.

distance: 3.3miles
time: 33mins
pieces of flying toast almost hitting me: 1

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

day 8: where I fail a bit at the (planned) running but get some awesome make-up done

So, I was supposed to be running about t 4-5 miles in the lovely sunshine up around the braid hills in Edinburgh, but due to a major error in my packing for work I forgot my run bra. I am a 34DD so really can't do without one of those specialised shock absorber ones. So instead I find myself in the Granton area of Edinburgh (in the dark once again) running past high-rise flats and not much else then back again the same way to collect the car. At least I did it a little bit faster and longer than yesterday.

The reason I was in this not-so-picturesque part of the city, was that I had to drop my boyfriend off at college where I was joining him to be experimented on later that evening. Now, don't worry I've not given myself over to some evil scientific evening class. I was off to get my make up done - though the results could maybe described as a little evil looking. I will leave you to decide...

Oh, and yes, I need my roots done : /

distance: 3.06 miles
time: 28 mins 5secs
hourse to get my make up done: about 2

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

day 7: in the words of an amazingly irritating ginger-haired orphan...

Lets just say I got up on the wrong side of my psyche this morning. Everything was pissing me off...the shit-tip of a flat, my clothes, my ability to put make up on, the constantly crappy weather and, well...lets just say functioning 'normally' was looking like a bit of trial today. I struggled through work but got home feeling dizzy and blurrgh...and what does everyone need to top that off -  a lovely run in the dark cold, and once again, drizzly city streets.

I did warn you I was grumpy ;) That said, my run was actually a bit better than yesterday's. My lungs didn't feel like they were going to burst and my legs felt a little less like they were made of lead. I still only managed a tiny bit longer out there. However, I do believe the forecast said something about that yellow round ball that sometimes appears every so often in the sky so I do have a plan to get some proper mileage done tomorrow.

distance: 2.5 miles
time: 24 mins 19secs
my grumpiness levels: high but slowly lowering...

Monday, 6 January 2014

day 6: doing penance

I suppose after my dismissing of Janathon activity being misery-causing I was asking for it. Today I had the choice of running in the dark and drizzly outside or go to the gym which was pretty much guaranteed to be heaving with the usual desperate January detoxers starting their annual exercise routine which will last all of 2 weeks...maybe three. So dark drizzle it was.

I'm still not back into my stride (shite pun totally intended) and my short run - ok, it was more of a jog - reminded my lungs and legs that it has been a while since I have done anything much, other than to walk to the shops for more beer and crisps.

So, yes, this challenge is not the most fun I could imagine but there will be easier days ahead :)

distance: 2.5 miles
time 25mins
big puddles not avoided: 2

Sunday, 5 January 2014

day 5: you can't be miserable bouncing

Going on some twitter talk that had implied that Janathon was a festival of 'misery' or something along those lines (also, hilariously fascism? please note no one is forced to take part), I decided to use as my theme for today. This is because, my effort today was far from miserable and I reckon also burnt off a fair few calories.

I found myself round at a friend's flat without any sort of running gear which would enable me to nip out for a quick run (and I basically didn't get up early enough to do anything earlier), I managed to notice that a flatmate had one of these mini-trampolines (trampets?). As we were listening to music I decided to take my opportunity thus making my janathon exercise effort around 30mins of joyful bouncing up and down to some old favourite tunes and making myself dizzy jumping in circles to You Spin Me Right Round (like a record). Now I don't think that sounds like a recipe for misery. Ok, so it won't get me anywhere too far up the leader-board but it was genuine exercise which I had rather a lot of fun doing.

Distance: to hard to tell as was bouncing on the spot!
time: about 30mins, maybe longer
misery caused by Janathon: none for me :)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

day 4: clubbing counts right? ok, I'll throw in a pajama plank too

I do it every -athon and so keeping up the tradition - clubbing/dancing as my exercise effort. I have spent most of the day recovering from an impromtu club night (and after party) But I was dancing like a maniac to techno music from about 1am to 3am so I reckon 2 hours of pretty much solid dancing, however drink-fuelled, can very much count to my Janathon effort.

But I thought I better do something in the day that felt a bit more like hard work so jumping on this Janathon's trend of doing a pyjama plank I did so.....warning...this photo is NOT pretty! Hungover me photoed in shiny pj bottoms - my arse is not looking its best!

Party season is officially over after tonight so i will be returning to proper training on Monday :)

distance: no idea
time spent dancing like a techno maniac: about 2 hours with bar-breaks
plank: 1 (about a minute due to boyfriend's bad photo skills)

Friday, 3 January 2014

day 3: the wet stuff forces me to the gym

It wouldn't be Janathon without plenty mentions of the weather and today was a perfect candidate. Now I know in years past there has been snow and sub-zero temperatures but that I can actually handle when running outside. Not, however, horizontal freezing rain and strong winds. Walking to the gym was traumatic enough!

So, instead, I dutifully did 5km on the x-trainer and even did some weights. I haven't been to the gym in months and found they have bought all-new and shiny weight equipment so it was nice to give it a try before all the hoards of muscle-bound, narcissistic guys return after the holidays.

About 20 mins of weights and was definitely ready to return to being snug on the couch with my book (not before I logged and blogged of course!).

Hope noone-else out there has half-drowned while doing their Janathon-ing!

distance: 5km
time: 31mins31secs
muscle-bound, narcissistic guys in the gym: a few, but not hoards

Thursday, 2 January 2014

day 2: Body says ARRRGH

I actually managed to do a proper effort for Janathon today and my abused, sleep and food-deprived body did NOT like it. Went round a very mobbed holyrood park and half way up the hill (unfortunately at the start of my run) I already felt slightly sick.  Even going downhill was unpleasant.
Going back uphill for the last half mile I felt like I had run 8 miles rather than 3 and it took me way longer than this run would usually take me. However, I got home feeling rather proud of myself, waiting for the endorphins to kick in.

Anyway proper run all done I'm now back on the beer being fed by my folks - new year celebrations mark 2 :)

distance: 3.4miles
time 37mins

Day 1: A rather pitiful start!

Not sure I would even class this as 'exercise' properly but I did run, albeit in my dress from hogmanay and my new rocks :) On our way from one party to another I managed to get a sort-of run from the middle of rose street to the end. I tell you, it wasn't as easy as it should have been.

Will try to do better tomorrow (that is today...). Long overdue bed time for now.

I trust others will make up for my slacker behaviour.

Happy new Janathon!

distance: 0.3miles
time: 3mins17secs
new years parties attended: 3ish
sore heads: 1