Thursday, 22 February 2018

Running Therapy

Recently I have failed in my running. Despite having 4 events lined up for the year, the first being in April, a combination of bad weather keeping me in and an unfortunate predisposition to be in hibernation mode over winter has led to me being a bit lackadaisical in my approach to my exercise regime. I did join the gym but I’m only managing a couple of classes a week.

But this week I re-discovered my motivation. I’d been having a pretty shitty week and was feeling stressed and emotional, so much so I couldn’t seem to stop crying. I was over-thinking and was getting overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness. Then I had an unexpected day where I was working from home. It was a beautiful sunny day, so come lunchtime; I put on my running shoes, with an easy 3 mile jog planned. I ended up doing 5 miles. I feel lucky living in such a beautiful city at times like this.

I came back feeling better, not just physically, but emotionally. I had forgotten how therapeutic running can be for me. The right conditions, some good music can help me work through my feelings and come out of it feeling more positive and able to deal with things better. Taking advantage of this feeling I went and signed up for #Run1000miles in 2018. I am late coming to this, already into our last week of February, but am hoping that I can get my running mojo back properly and get my training more on track, while also being inspired and motivated by others taking part. I only have 7 weeks before my first trail race of the year – 17km in Hawkshead in the Lake District. I haven’t run further than 5 miles so far this year. It’s a challenge but one I feel I’m now in the right mind set to tackle, just hope the weather continues to get better J

On a side-note, it is the end of an era. My oldest running tights have bitten the dust. I think I’ve had them over 10 years, they have seen me through a marathon and many other half marathons/10kms.