Sunday, 29 June 2014

Day 28: the dancing one

So,  yes, this blog is a bit on the late side and I have been out partying but I will maintain that dancing in my friend's kitchen to a proper DJ qualifies as good exercise. It certainly wasn't the 10k I had had in mind before Friday night happened but I was dancing fairly energetically for a good 45 mins in total. So I am counting that as my Juneathon effort for Saturday (and technically Sunday!)

I have to admit that I am a little worried about having to do a half marathon in exactly a week but I'll just have to the best I can with what training I have managed.

Distance : 0 as was really dancing on the spot
Time : at least 45 mins
Time I should have gone home : earlier than I did!

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 28: It started in a sophisticated manner ...

Well, its the morning afternoon after the night before. I could only do a quick run as I had a wine tasting to go to. So I kidded myself that I was doing a 1 miles 'time trial'. If I couldn't go far I would at least try to go fast. So I ran round the estate at my parents. I did a 8min40sec mile. Not incredibly fast run but there was a bit of a hill at the end so all in all not bad. Now I say it was a time trial but if I am honest it was the shortest run I thought it could get away with. It would have been shorter but I had got to 0.7miles and in my anal love of having an nice round number I went for the complete mile :)
The definition of sophistication!

So onto the I say it started off rather sophisticated. A lovely wine tasting at Dynamic Earth where you actually got to meet the wine makers them selves and taste some pretty lovely wines. Now I made the mistake of not having any dinner before - I blame this on my needed to do my Junethon exercise first! So as you can imagine a lot of wine and a few crackers and cheese (and a little bit of pie) it didn't take too long for getting a bit tipsy  pretty drunk.

Anyway, needless to say as the night wore on...instead of going home when I should have I eneded up in my beloved rock dive moshing to guns 'n' roses and rage against the machine. Hence this rather late blog writen with a lovely hangover...and to make matters worse there is NO nice food in the house. AND I had scheduled a 10K run for today...mmm yeah, we will have to see how THAT one goes : /

distance: 1.01miles
time: 8mins40sec
wine consumed: too much
actual duration of being actually sophistcated: mmm, about 30mins...

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 26 - Does walking fast round a retail park count?

'Cause it was tiring and in between the said shopping and hair-dying sessions, it is all I managed today - though I threw in 20 push-ups to make me feel a bit better about the whole thing.

The shopping mission was to find a gypsy-style skirt for a themed party this weekend. Now, I haven't been round fashion shops for a long time, and can I just say, fashion sucks right now...though I did come away with a nice Bench dress for really cheap :)...but no gypsy skirt - I mean it's summer, there should always be gypsy skirts for summer?!

So anyway, in my hunt for said skirt, I reckon I managed to walk for about 1.5miles.. And it was fast as I wanted to get home ASAP as my hair-dying takes an aweful long time (pink, purple and blue hair is very high maintenance!). Even then, here I am at almost 11pm still with dye in my hair, writing this.

I'll post the fruits of the hair-dying labour (thanks Ian!) on tomorrow's blog :)

distance: 1.5miles (very rough guess)
time: mmm, no idea!
gypsy skirts bought: 0
nice dress bought:1
time taken to do hair: 2 hours and counting...

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 25: Summer running hazzards

Bet you she isn't even sweating 

The issues with winter running are probably well understood - the danger of running on slippery ice/snow, difficulty keeping warm and being seen in the dark etc etc. However, today I was thinking - summer has plenty of its own issues. Yes, it is nice to go running on a lovely sunny day with all the flowers etc out and looking pretty. But, there are loooads of stuff I hate about running in the summer.

Time for a list!!!! Haven't done a 'list-blog" this month and that just isn't right  :)

In order of most upsetting/annoying:

  1. Flies  - I fucking hate them. And they seem to grow in number every year. They get everywhere, in your eyes, in your mouth, up your nose. Its horrible! Even worse if you are running on a nice warm day through any wooded area, which I was today
  2. overgrown vegitation. Obviously an 'off-road' running issue. But what with having to wear vests/cropped tights, all limbs are at the mercy of nettles, thistles and any other spikey plants that attack on narrow tracks
  3. The sun. Yes, I realise I just mentioned this in the 'pro' side of summer running, but if its too hot, there is issues of having to slather yourself in sun cream, having to squint unless you wear (decent) sunglasses, and the inevitable weird 'runner' tan lines i.e. where your socks/ cropped tights stop, so you get a block leg tan. I wear very high factor and still tan which totally distroys my running goth persona :(
  4. Sweat - its hot so you sweat way more. It gets in your eyes and if, as I always do, you forget to wear sweat bands you only have the bottom of your vest to wipe it away, thus exposing your (never lovely and flat like in the marketing pics) belly.
  5. mmmm, can't think of any more but I think the ones I have so far are suitably annoying...especially the flies!
So other than battling with the flies and overgrown attacking vegetation, I had a pretty good run today. Was good, as always, to escape the office.

distance: 3.82miles
nettle stings narrowly avoided: lots