Monday, 16 May 2011

1 week to go

I really can't believe I've only got one week to go before months of preparation, training, injury healing and overall blood, (lots of) sweat, and tears, will have finally culminated in my first marathon.

Once again I have failed to complete the full training programme due to 3 separate injuries, a trip to Peru and a week of illness. I do think I would have struggled to be ready-ish, if I hadn't been unemployed - all this training is pretty time consuming and thanks to the 'four seasons in one day' Scottish weather it can be hard to motivate yourself to go out in gale-force winds when its raining. With all my spare time I have been able to plan my running so as to miss to nastiest of weather. Also, having my training as kept me from getting too down about my non-job situation, not to mention filling in the time when not conducting fruitless job searches.

Although my longest run has only been 16miles I am hoping the adrenaline on the day will kick in. It is still scary to think that there is an extra 10miles on top of my longest distance and considering my legs were about to give way, I'm going to try not think about it!

The greatest thing about this being my last week is that its a pretty easy week with the longest run being 5miles and also I get to eat big bowls of pasta without feeling guilty!!

My last long run yesterday (Sunday) was pretty good and I managed the 10miles with (relative) ease, though it wasn't exactly a fast run. It also wasn't a particularly nice day- a bit rainy but it wasn't too warm which was perfect. I have done quite a few runs on quite warm, sunny days and I noticed the difference it can make to my performance, constantly having to stop and drink etc. I have been worried about keeping hydrated and also keeping my energy levels up - on one long run I tried a energy gel which made me gag, I've tried jelly babies which stick to my teeth and are frankly a bit of a faff, and I usually only take water with me, so will be relying on getting lucozade from the energy stations.

This time next week I'll no doubt be hobbling round, glad that its over and probably itching to get back out for my next run.

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