Friday, 4 March 2011

Conquering Hills

While I'm not enjoying the uncertaintly and helplessness of not having a job to go to every day and the stress of waiting to hear results of job applications/interviews...I am liking going out for a run at the time of my choosing which for me is apparently late morning (or in today's case just in time for the sun coming out and for me to ignore some long overdue housework!).

As my marathon training schedule includes hill work (after intervals my most hated session) I thought I had better do some.

I have said this more than once - Edinburgh I covered in hills - I live at the bottom of one and I grew up at the top of one. So when my training says - run to a hill I don't have to go very far so not much of a chance of a warm-up. And the best hill for me is the one I live beside which just so happens to be fucking STEEP.  I suppose I should be glad that it makes me work harder and I am certainly glad to be running on grass for a change, giving my knee some respite. There are plenty of other hills but these are either even steeper or too far away, and I don't fancy running up and down a restidential street dodging small children and other obsticles.

Tomorrow will look forward to a nice simple 'easy' 4 miles jog before Sunday's 10 miles (supposed to be 13 but did 10 on Tuesday and really not sure I can do 2 long runs in one week)

4.5 miles in 46 mins
including warm up/down and 10 x 30 secs (extreme) uphills and then down hill recoveries

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