Wednesday, 2 March 2011

After saying I would continue this blog...I went all quiet. The stresses of coming to an end of my former job and being ill didn't help. But now being unemployed with marathon training interspersered with frantic job hunting I thought I would spend some work-free time to do some blogging.

I decided to start my unemployed runner role in style by spending a spring-like Tuesday going to a job interview then doing a 10 mile run. Doing this I have discovered that the combination of the adrenaline of attending an interivew and too little to eat makes running 10miles pretty tough...I pretty much stubbled to a crawl for the last stretch home. It did however make me feel like I had done something with my day and that as long as I am pretty vigilant in my job hunting and keep up the running I won't turn into the daytime TV watching, staying in my PJs unemployed person that I always fear is lurking...

I was thinking of changing my title to the Job-seeking runner but am hoping this status will not be with me for long so I will stick to the 'Running Goth'.

Being a running Goth I would like to put out a plea to the running shoe makers out there....Why must all trainers be white of some kind (although there are some black trail running shoes out there - not sure why this is) but some nice gothic running trainer of the road running variety would be good - goths do do exercise I promise you and it would be nice to carry on my sartorial style whilst out running :)

10 miles - longest yet! 
1 hour 44 mins
1250 calories....which I replaced by crisps, pasta and ice-cream not long after ....doh!

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