Thursday, 17 February 2011

scheduling nightmare

I am being a wimp this week and haven't been running outside at all...although one day I couldn't run at all due to a nasty blister so made do with the cross trainer.  However, as I was using the treadmill I managed to do a couple of good interval and tempo sessions and also tried out an Audiofuel interval playlist which was good - quite nice having a bit of encouragment with the music. 

I'm also planning a good long run this week. Mainly due to the fact that next week is looking difficult....which brings me to the main theme of this post - scheduling marathon training with work (or in my case looking for work, and a social life). Now next week I have a gig I bought tickets to ages ago and am really looking forward to and the next day I'm travelling up to Aberdeenshire for work which means I'll not get back till that is already 2 evenings out for running. THEN on Friday it's my last day at work and have a leaving do which obviously means I'll be eating rubbish and drinking various alcoholic beverages. This ultimately means that Saturday will be a bit of a write-off. SO, that leaves me 2-3 days to do some running and probably not any particularly 'quality' sessions...Am I being a lasy runner or should I just try harder not to let my social life (and via that any type of drinking activities) infringe on my running?

Well as a compromise, I am going to use my leaving do as my last hoorah of partying before a knuckle down and concentrate on my running...and job hunting. It will be hard to let the social stuff take a back burner but I think the determination to do the marathon justice will win out :)

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