Sunday 20 February 2011


Had a good few days recentlyl and actually feel that I'm making a bit of progress. Managed to do a 8.7 mile run on a Friday night - when really I would have probably rather been sipping beer and watching a DVD. Although, my post-run beer was particularly tasty :) And by getting a long run done on Friday meant that I could really appreciate a Saturday doing sweet FA!  I did have a fleeting thought of doing a gentle swim but I stayed in bed instead with a good book.

Feeling somewhat rested on Sunday morning, though my feet are still stiff and my ankles are cracking I managed a good 6.4 miles. I have to say I find longer runs easier when there is some nice scenery (though, today it was rather obscured by cloud) and a variety of landscape to run over, which today included pavement, gravel track and a whole lot of mud. My trainers are now looking impressively seasoned and well-worn - so much so that I have treated myself to some new ones via . I also got myself a nice fluro pink water bottle to do for my long runs which is a wee bit difficult to run with but holds more.

On the subject of drinking while running - I've been told by a variety of sources that you NEED to take fluids on runs over an hour but talking to my Dad he said he never took water with him and he did a marathon PB in 2 hours 49mins! It really does amaze me that he managed this as he also never really done many longer runs - he done one 17mile run but generally didn't do much over 8 miles. He is officially my marathon hero!! I know that I couldn't do a long run without water but it does make me think that I shouldn't overthink stuff like this.

Todays stats: 6.4 miles, 1 hour 7mins

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