Wednesday, 9 February 2011

And so the serious running starts...

This is my first blog after Janathon. I was sure I was going to carry it on, but I have found I have been missing the process of writing down my experiences and pondering on my thoughts about running and the thoughts I have while running. Being a blog-virgin, on the writing and slightly less so on the reading front, Janathon has introduced me to a variety of running-themed blogs which have been very entertaining to read, not to mention giving me a whole new  and much needed source of motivation and learning from others' experiences. This is particularly important for me as running is pretty much a solitary pursuit for me and having that support helps.

To be honest I'm not particularly bothered about whether people even read these - For me I feel it is more like a digital journal (my handwriting has always been pretty dire and it always seemed a shame to ruin nice journal pages with it). I am an pretty fast type so it seems easier overall. It also stops my small flat getting even more cluttered with stuff than it is already.

I'm sure while I am training for the Edinburgh marathon, the blog will continue to be very much running-themed but I will probably veer off into other subjects as I tend to do.

Anyway. on the running front...

...after some lovely post-Janathon rest days, I am starting my marathon training proper. I decided to 'ease' myself back into things with a cross-training session at the gym on Monday. The weather here is Scotland is still decidedly wintery there is usually a bit of will power involved in going for an out-door jaunt.

Tuesday I managed my first ‘proper’ full-on run, managing just under 5 miles. I was even more pleased with the fact that I managed to do one mile lap in less than 9 minutes, though I almost keeled over after it! But still not a bad start.

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