Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 1: Injured again

Its becoming a tradition of mine to make sure I get at least one bad injury on the run up to an event. I've had ankle problems and countless knee problems when training for any race I've ever entered.
This year I'm doing tough mudder with 3 weeks of training time to go,
I manage to fall off my bike and now I can't straighten my arm...it fucking hurts :( so my aim of doing lots of push-ups and pull ups are obliterated as I can barely hold up a pint!

So, Juneathon is not off to a particularly auspicious beginning. That, though is not why the blog is late. It is late as last night I was out at an Amanda Palmer gig. Which was awesome by the way.
I did manage to do a (one-handed) balcony pushup though, which I have been told by Jogblog herself, is a perfectly valid Juneathon effort. 

We didn't have much space but this is a photo of me doing my balcony push-up!

And here are a few pics of the gig. There was even a guest slot from Janey Godley. A strange but great addition to an Amanda Palmer gig.

Balcony push-ups: 2
working arms: 1
gigs attended: 1

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