Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 2: walking is about I can manage

At least I managed to achieve my pedometer goal of 10000 steps today. My arm is still too sore to even go running and besides, I had to break in my new walking shoes before Saturday when I will be climbing Suliven (a big hill in the highlands). Also supposed to be doing a bit of cycling which I reeeeally hope my arm is better for...

I had a wee day off work today so myself and my mum walked into town and around the shops. I amounted to about 4.5 miles which isn't too bad. Way more tired than I should be though!

I bought a plasitc funnel to decant stuff from big bottles into wee bottles and some cheep walking trousers - How glamorous am I?!?

I also spotted Amanda Palmer walking past me in Princes Street, not sure if I smiled at her first but she smiled at me, only then did I realize I had the t-shirt I bought at her gig last night (which has a photo of her on it).  Was a strange moment...

Going to try to do a run tomorrow...wish me luck!

steps taken 11105
exciting things bought at the shops: 0