Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 31 - WOOHOO

Well, its been done. 31 days of running/gyming/cycling and I am still standing!! I am a little bit amazed that I made it through. The will power has been challenged big time and there have definitly been evenings where the last thing I wanted to do was put my trainers on and run in the cold darkness. But I overcame and went forth.

I am having a day off tomorrow and going to the pub with friends like a normal person...but this break will be a short one as I have realised that I have a marathon training programme to start. It will be a 16 week one as I have a 2 week break inbetween it to go and do the Inca Trail in Peru. I will be doing a bit of trekking but no running. I think this will affect my performance so am starting the training early to get myself a wee bit ahead.

Janathon has been a great motivator and really think it has kick started my training and has given me a good mindset with which to go forward.

Today's run was 3.16 miles in 29mins and (drum-roll please...)here are my grand totals:

◦Total - 114.7 mi - 20.1 hrs

and this breaks down into

◦Run  - 83.5 mi - 14.7 hrs
◦Bike - 8.7 mi - 1.2 hrs
◦Walk  - 2.0 mi - 0.8 hrs
◦Cross Trainer - 20.5 mi - 3.4 hrs

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  1. Brilliant - well done & good luck with the marathon training. Enjoy the inca trail; it's terrific :)