Friday, 15 July 2011

featuring a guy with a Hitler moustache

I should be writing this on my new wordpress blog but I haven't quite got round to setting it up. While I'm assured by Bad Wabbitt that it is all very easy to do but reading the introduction with all its techie talk I thought I would leave it until I was feeling a bit more web-geeky (I did do a multimedia masters but have forgotten a lot over the years).

Summer has actually decided to visit north of the border at last so I have managed to get in a few really good runs recently. Today I actually managed 9.7 miles which I was very proud of. Of these 9 or so miles, 4 or them were under 9 minutes, my fastest mile being done in 08:36 and only one taking over 10 minutes (this was one up a very steep hill).

Although I promised myself I would keep up a pretty intense running schedule while still out of work I don't really think I believed my own posturing but I have actually done really well, with only 2 proper days off since the beginning of July. On those days I went for a walk in the sunshine.

I do realise that exercise is rather addictive and I do find myself getting a little anxious when I haven't done anything.  However, I do listen to my body and always take it easy if I'm feeling tired or achy. Anyway, am also loving that all this activity is allowing me to eat what I want and still keep the weight that I have lost recently off.

A long run today meant doing the Portobello seaside route. Always cheers me up on a sunny day.  In the summer time its always good for people watching too. There are some strange people around. I have recently been attracting some weirdos who seem to feel the need to impart some very important gibberish whilst gesturing at me with intent...Funnily enough they never seem to notice or care that I have my ipod on, doing my best to ignore them. Anyway, my weirdo moment of the day was seeing a man with a perfect Hitler moustache, with hairstyle to match, walking along hand-in-hand with his lady friend. I'm sure he was a perfectly nice bloke but I do think someone should maybe advise him on the facial fuzz.

My other fav moment of my run was overtaking a very fit looking guy while running up a very steep hill  *smug grin*.

Distance: 9.75mi
Time taken: 01:31:23
Average/Max Speed : 6.48
Average/Min Pace : 00:09:16
Calories: 1159
men with Hitler moustaches: 1

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  1. Oooh such a great smug moment - hope you enjoyed every moment and rewarded him with a big grin!