Friday, 8 July 2011

post Juneathon blues

Its been a week since the end of Juneathon and I have to say I miss it.  I miss having to think of something new to write about every day and looking forward to reading how others are getting on and looking at the comments. I know people out there are continuing to pound the pavements, especially those who are diligently raising money for charity and there are those who are keeping their blogs going and I will continue to read them.

As I said I would, I have also tried to keep up my running (I think I said I was aiming for 6 days a week), I have on the whole been doing this, though I have to say I'm finding it difficult to stay motivated now that I no longer have a target/challenge to work to. I find myself having long debates with myself in bed in the morning on whether or not to go - so far, thankfully my will power has won the argument).I have also had to go to the gym thanks to the crappy weather and I never like the idea of the gym. However, I have so far prevailed this week and even managed a 4mile outdoor run today before the thunderstorms came along. Even though I felt heavy-legged and slow I was surprised to find that I was managing to average a 9 minute mile pace so can't have been too bad. I may have a day off tomorrow, though I had hoped to start attending a park run out at cramond but the rain looks set to stay so will put it off another week.


  1. I dealt with my post Janathon blues by setting different challenges for February and March. Having mini goals helped maintain a little momentum.

  2. Hey Cat, don't be in the blues. There are two good things that we can take from June - 1) meeting many nice people who take the time to have a genuine interest in what others do; and 2) the routine of not only doing something but thinking creatively about how to share it with the world. 6 days a week is pretty ambitious ... a bit of gym-based variety sounds very good indeed.

    Keep up all the activities, and make sure you keep on writing from time to time! HUGS