Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Time for a change??

Sometimes I don't think about much when I'm running other times I think...a lot. I've had a lot on my mind at the moment. It's actually the 'keeping me awake' variety, though it could be worse if I didn't have my think-athons while pounding the streets/treadmill.

The main thing occupying me is employment (or lack thereof). I've been unemployed now since March and haven't really had much luck so far - a total of 5 interviews, 1 of which I got to the 2nd round and was very close and rather upsetting when I didn't get it. The other thing occupying me is my running and general exercise. As some fellow Juneathoners will know, it has really been helping me with being unemployed both my giving me something to do and staving of obesity and insanity through lack of activity.

Lately it has been occurring to me that running and exercise is becoming more important to me. Since I started my marathon training, my interest in running has definitely developed into something far more than just something to keep me fit. Then just the other week, after another fruitless job search I started to wonder if I needed a change...while I've enjoyed working in communications, I kind of fell into it and I do always envy people who do something that they are truly passionate about. I also started to think if I am going to, maybe, possibly have a career change I'd better get on with it as I feel I've wasted enough time looking for jobs that don't seem to be there. I ask myself - why can't I combine all the time I spend exercising with earning money?

So anyway, while bobbing along on the ski machine today I came to a decision - I'm going to look into fitness instructor courses. At least do some research into what's involved, how much it could cost etc  etc.

I know I have rambled on here (though, not much on today's gym session, which was good and sweaty), but I feel that typing it out and sharing with the blogsphere (whether or not it is actually read by anyone) will encourage me to act on my decisions rather than wimp out. Its time for a change.

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  1. There is no harm in exploring all avenues, Good Luck!, also Good Luck for Saturday