Monday, 25 July 2011

parkruns and hill walks

After my chickening out of my first parkrun due to torrential rain last week, I am pleased to say this time the sun was shining and I made it down to Cramond in Edinburgh to take part. And I am so glad I did. It was weird not having my iPod with me (I never run without music) and I was a little apprehensive as I was on my own an when I arrived there were quite a few serious looking runners all warming up. But as more people arrived I realised how mixed it was and there did appear to be others running on their own.

Anyway. I started off well, though I thought I was going a little too fast to sustain for the full 5km but once I got into it and started overtaking people (turns out I have a bit of a competitive streak in me!) I found myself managed to average a pace of about 7mph. There were points when I felt I was about to flag but I kept going. I even managed to pass a teenager and a tall athletic looking girl with very long legs. I did miss my music at some points but it certainly didn't affect my speed - far from it. I used my breathing as a way of keeping a beat. Anyway managed to get a time of 24 mins 28seconds which was a 5km PB for me and according to the results I came 4th in my age category and 106th overall out of 195 parkruners and was the 20th 'lady'. So overall I was chuffed to bits.

I didn't run on Sunday but instead went on a very long 13 mile hill walk around the Pentland Hills taking in about 6 summits all in all. There were a few wrong turns and scrabbling through the heather but made back in time for a pint at the pub. It was a beautiful day and got some stunning views right across the firth of forth and beyond - you could see the proper mountains in the distance. Needless to say after all this activity I was in bed very early on Sunday night.

I shall definitely be going back to the parkrun though maybe not next weekend as it will be a pub-themed weekend and I have a wedding to attend.


  1. When you go back, why not take your iPod? Lots of parkrunners do.

  2. Park runs are great aren't they! Well done on completing your first and the PB. All the best, KG.