Monday, 15 January 2018

Day 15: "What are you doing!!!" said my legs

So, due to it being fecking freezing outside and because I forgot to take my running trainers to my folks (where I am cat sitting), I set myself to 'ease' myself into some strength training. I thought it would be my upper body that would be the hardest but after some squats and lunges various muscles in my legs seems to rebel at the activity, almost cramping painfully.

I did incorporate some P90X moves which may have been a bit ambitious for my first session but I really wasn't expecting for my body to react in such an extreme way. So I eased off and kept the session faily short. Even so I'm guessing I will suffer DOMS tomorrow. I just hope I can still walk.

Another disappointment in my exercise realm happened today too. I recently had to buy a new sports bra, my old one being now a few years old and starting to wear out. Now, I bought a Shock Absorber run bra. The last one I bought was a 34DD, I am a bit bigger just now so I thought a 36E would suffice.(I do have another one in this size which fits fine). So I go to put it on only to find I can't even do the first hooks up. I mean, seriously, how can the same make/type of bra have gotten soooo much smaller in a couple of years?! We aren't shrinking you know!!

Fingers crossed I can still walk tomorrow!

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  1. That sounds a bit like hard work, that sort of workout, especially when they are called just random letters and numbers