Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Day 24: People exercise at this time?!

Due to the on-going, seemingly endless horrible weather (I know its winter but ffs, this is getting boring), I decided to get up super early and get to the gym when it is nice and quiet. You'd think it would be at 6:30am...but I was pretty surprised that there were more than a handful of insane people already there! I'm guessing it is still part of the January influx of temporary nubies (of which, I guess I am one, though I definitely plan to be here long term). I recently joined pure gym which is 24 hours. It is probably very doubtful but I really want to try and go at like 3am just to see who actually goes at that time.

Anyway, did a bit on the treadmill and then moved onto the weight machines. Really want to get used to using the free weights but still getting used to the new environment and was still too populated for me to explore. Think I will have to go at some insane time to get some space to myself!

Another downside to my new gym is that it's about a mile away (whereas my last one was just round the corner). I got outside to see that the rain which I had managed to avoid getting here had returned with a vengeance. So I got an extra mile running in there :)

And because I didn't get my photo of my lovely Janathon pyjamas yesterday, here's one now (they are lovely an comfy!)


  1. I've been doing sort of work outs on the floor - various press ups, stretches, crunches and stuff. And do I look like a god yet? Do I hell.

  2. Wait. Is that an official Janathon t-shirt?????
    Oh, and good job on the workout!

    1. It is! You can get all the Janathon stuff: