Wednesday 31 January 2018

Day 31: Another Janathon comes to an end...reflections on Janathons past

Even though I will not be able to have claimed to have done any exercise today (the forecast for snow and high winds prompted me to leave my running gear at home) I thought I would still blog. I do have Pump planned in for tomorrow and did double whammy yesterday so hoping that will make up for it ;).

I was looking over my Facebook memories today and always through January I get my old blog posts coming up and we are now looking back on 5 years of them! Though think I've been doing Janathon longer.. In recent years I have been slacking terribly and have found myself look back fondly and in slight awe of my past self's will power to always get out and do something. I have evidently got lazy in my old age! Though I have just signed up for 2 more +20km trail races so with other already signed for events makes 4 major running events in one year. That is a record. I should probably be a bit more diligent in my training really... I have gotten really bad for not following a training plan and letting other thing get in the way. I still blame a certain someone for being a bad influence!

But will this blog I vow to be more focused in my training. I may even try to keep blogging to motivate myself to keep an eye on the prize. They prize being not ending up badly injured through bad training or crawing pas the finish line with all the veteran +60 runners. Noone likes it when a grey-haired granny flys past your tortoise like person!

So farewell January I will not miss you, you have sucked. Janathon, I will miss as usual, hearing everyone elses efforts which are usually better than mine!

And as promised the Highland cow from last week! Better late than never! It really didn't want to pose for me

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  1. Oiiiiiiii, 'leaving your running kit at home because of minging weather' is not a valid excuse! You can do squats while cooking dinner or something. Tut.