Thursday, 17 January 2019

Day 17: The Smugness of a lunchtime runner

There's always 2 overall feelings when I go running at lunchtime at work.  The first is always feelings of 'ooooh do I have to?!?! Why?? It's cold, I'm hungry already, and I really can't be bothered'.
And then there's the self-consciousness passing colleagues in my running gear and feeling jealous of those wandering into the warm canteen for food.

Then, eventually the smugness will set in...If it is nice day it can come on during the run when I can feel the sun on my face and I take comfort in the knowledge that while I'm out burning the calories and getting fit, those colleagues I was regarding jealously and now feel sorry for as they will not be as fit and healthy as me, are sitting looking out of the canteen window in awe of my heroic lunchtime running. (Or are perhaps just thinking 'what a nutter, why on earth would you want to spend your lunch break doing that!) .

I do find the smugness will wear off as I spend the rest of the afternoon with smudged eye-makeup, bright red cheeks wishing I had brought more than just soup to eat for lunch.

Bring on the spring where I can go back to running after work!

distance: 3.3miles
time: 33mins
time spent feeling smug: 10 mins

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