Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Day 22: Danger running in the dark

With the weather being in the sub zero area  there is always the danger of freezing your appendages off but winter running has a whole bunch of other hazzards  as my run today demonstrated 

There I was thinking that the days are getting that bit longer. Like it wasn't pitch black at 3pm. So having got to work ridiculously early, instead of going for my usual lunchtime run which always feels like such a faff, I thought i would have time for a post work run before it got too dark.
It started off not too bad, but having decided to go thru the Hermatige, which is a nice wee wooded kind of 'nature reserve', I discovered that the ice hadn't made it into this part of the world but was still pretty muddy and having my road trainers on gave me an extra edge of slippy danger.
The Hermatige 

Having come out the other side I was back on pavement but by this time the darkness had properly decended  Having forgotten that there are no street lights along the braid hills i had to rely on car lights to ensure i didn't trip on the many potholes along the way. You'll be pleased to know i got back to the car in one, albeit rather frozen piece. There was also a nice sunset 

On the subject of running in the freezing cold , what's with people who can run in mid winter in shorts and t-shirt?! They either have no nerve endings that feel the cold or they are showing off how hardcore they are while tempting frostbite.

Several hours after my run, my arse is still like a over sized icecube!
Distance 4.3 miles 
Time: 44 mins
Times I narrowly avoides falling on my face : 3

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  1. There is a certain thrill to night time running away from the lights. Head torches do help though