Thursday 24 January 2019

Janathon Day 24:Running running off the PMT

So if discussion of 'lady issues' makes you uncomfortable for you, firstly, go have a word with yourself and stop reading now.

Right... Anyone else who suffers the evils of PMT but still manages to drag themselves on their winter workout routines should get some sort of medal. Fighting against not just the usual winter excuses not to venture outside but also the bloaty/heavy feeling and just a general 'screw you life' feeling you get at that time of the month that usually sees me wanting to hide under my blankets in bed. However, I will say  getting out running actually helps me with the dreaded PMT.  Not only do I find it helps with working off the related feeling of rage i tend to get at this time (who am i kidding, I get those most times!) but it seems to help with cramps and staves off some of the tendencies to crave unhealthy food.

Today I ran to the hills. I'm lucky to have some nice trails right beside my work. Cant get bored of the views :
Distance:4.4 miles
Time:47 mins
Hills ran up :2

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