Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Day 2: Hot hands, freezing bum

Was a double whammy today. Did a 4 mile walk in the Pentland hills and a 4 mile run over the Braid hills. 

Was a beautifully clear and sunny day but this meant that it was also -1 degrees. Luckily I had my sealskin winter gloves with me so my hands were toasty warm. I wish I could say the same about some other parts of my anatomy...namely my bum. No matter what, if it is anything under 10 degrees I always end up losing much of the feeling in my derriere whilst out for a run.

Already feeling very positive about my good start to my running year :) 

And just for Cathy: Pics of my favourite local highland cows!

miles ran: 4
miles walked: 4
Hot body parts: hands
cold body parts: bum
pictures of cows: 1


  1. I'm the other way round, my hands freeze badly in cold weather no matter what gloves I wear. That's when cycling.

  2. I'm really impressed! A walk and a run?! Dedicated!