Thursday, 3 January 2019

Day 3: Back to grim reality (sort of)

Ah well, the honeymoon period is over. Had a nice couple of days where the sun was shining and I had no work to do so had the luxury of running when and where I liked (I realise many folk were back at work yesterday but here in Scotland we need an extra day to recover from Hogmanay!

However, today it is a return to normal service..grey skies and fitting in Janathon around work. Though in the spirit of easing myself back into the new year, I was working from home so that still meant that I have been sitting at my laptop in my PJs eating leftover cheese and trifle for meals, in total denial of the end of the holiday season! Forget dry January, I'm having a wet January and doing Dry February instead as it has 3 whole days less to torture ourselves!

Anyway. I tore myself away from the couch and 'new website hell', and did a circuit of Holyrood Park. No photos today, for as previously mentioned it is dull and grey out there, plus I didn't have my phone.  On the bright side, it's Friday tomorrow!

distance: 3.4 miles
Time: 34 mins
cheese and trifle eaten: lots!