Thursday, 31 January 2019

Janathon day 31: Hitting the 100 Milestone with a thump and and ouch!

Well, I did manage to get to the end of the month without any falls so that's a general improvement on my usual performance! Also serves me right for running in the woods when its getting dark. Some uneven ground led to me going over my ankle 3 miles in but managed to hobble on. There was a critical point where I could have gone thru the estate but I chose to run thru the woods leading me to trip and fall on my face . Thankfully there was noone around to witness this...then who in their right mind would be wondering in the freezing cold woods after dark ?! But with just under a mile still to go I carried on not noticing all the leaves and dirt still stuck to my face and body.
Am now sitting nuraong my sprained ankle with a bag of frozen carrots and sipping a nice glass of wine which will be my last for the next 28 days.... I do love puniahing myself!
Anyhoo i managed to hit my January target and getting a lovely sunset view to boot so it's not all bad!
Distance: 5 miles (101 in total for January )
Ankles sprained: 1
Cheeks bruised: 1 (on my face if you were wondering!)

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