Sunday 11 June 2017

Day 10: late again but worth it

I'm a bit behind, but what a weekend. And no slacking despite there being no running or other more traditional exercises.
However between all the mad dancing to the brilliant beats supplied by some excellent friends (i pretty much didn't leave the dance floor for 4 hours!) and trekking from club to party to home I clocked up a pretty decent step count.

For it was the henstag do of 2 of my wonderful friends who are getting married in 2 weeks and we celebrated wholehearted at Studio 24 with aforementioned musical awesomeness. Here is a rubbish photo of the lovely couple :

Much partying was done with dancing continuing on at a friend's house. And treated to a beautiful pink sky as the sun was rising.

Today will no doubt be a much needed restful day.
Hours spent dancing : 4-6 at a guess
Alcohol units consumed: liver destroying amounts

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