Thursday, 8 June 2017

Day 8: Don't mention the Election

Once again we find ourselves at the polling station. Or, like me at the post box a while ago. And what a miserable day to contemplate the possible end of civilised society. Any Tories reading, please F off. You aren't welcome here.

Oops, it didn't take long to break my rule (any excuse for a Faulty Towers reference!). Anyhoo, in other, non - election (sorry!) news. Despite thinking the rain would never end, I managed to go for a run today and amazingly didn't get wet.... It was actually clearing up tho the Fog was still hanging around looking like something out of a John Carpenter film:
Anyway, fingers crossed we don't wake up to some 1984 distopia tomorrow!
Distance : 4 miles
Time :41mins
Times I have mention the Election today : 100s!

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