Friday, 2 June 2017

Day 2: Thank Janathon for warm tonic

Anyone got that Friday feeling? I certainly did and that usual means wanting to go home and crack open a bottle of red. Not put on my running gear. Thankfully I didn't have wine but I had bought some nice tonic as I have lots of nice gin in the flat. However, the tonic, just being bought was still warm so I needed something to do while it cooled. And 3 odd miles round Holyrood Park would give it the time to chill.

Unfortunately due to endomondo being rubbish it only recorded 2.3 miles :(

Run done I now get to enjoy my chilled G&T :)
Happy Friday!

Distance : 3.4 miles (or 2.3 if you believe endomondo)
Time 24 mins (or probably 35 mins)

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