Saturday, 24 June 2017

Day 23: the one where I walk everywhere

So, on Friday I attempted to beat my personal best for my Global Step Challenge. As this stranded at 31,000 I had set myself a rather difficult target seeing that I had work. However, determination is something I'm generally pretty good at. So I got up at stupid o'clock to make the 5 mile walk to work. And most of this is uphill. By the time I got to my desk at 8:15am I had already clocked 11,000 steps. And was already tired!
At lunchtime I dragged myself out again and tries not to think about the fact I had another hours walk home at the end of the day. Arriving home I still had another 4,000 steps to get to reach my target.

Thankfully after a couple of reviving beers (see alcohol is medicinal!) I geared myself up to don my trainers once more to make the 2.5 mile trip to my friends flat for a 'girls night in', which wasn't that girly as nine of my friends are particularly girly (thankfully).

I'm pleased to say that all this walking resulted in a grand total of 34,000 steps :)

I will say this tho, I definitely needed my headphones and music to distract me from the pain in my legs. Even managed a little air guitar along my way. Totally oblivious to what a weirdo I probably looked like!

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