Monday, 26 June 2017

Day 26: still in recovery

Most Mondays that aren't raining I should really be cycling to work yet I don't often manage it, mainly due to the fact I'm still recovering from the weekend. Today was no different. After all the activity over the last couple of days I got up feeling pretty stiff and entirely unprepared for the close to 5 mile, mainly uphill cycle to work so feeling the usual guilt I took the car. But I'm still parking it about half a mile away from work to get some walking in.

I also had my usual lunchtime saunter and being aware of my 19,500 average target for this section of my challenge I also walked to the supermarket for dinner stuff. I can smell the yummy smells of home made Thai red curry as I type!
Sadly I won't be cycling to work again tomorrow as the forecast is 'peeing rain' boo.
Step stats: 18,534 (somehow need to squeeze in 1000 more before bed!)
Had just came across some photos of Saturday night. This was from the last song. It was very hot and sweaty but wonderful

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