Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 30: Posh houses and Rasberries

Its the last day so I had to blog even though I have been slacking a bit the last few days. As I am up at my folks cat sitting once again and working I tried to spread my steps over the day. It was yet another miserable day and couldn't be bothered running but still need to get my steps up after a pathetic day yesterday where I didn't even manage to get to 10,000!

So due to the wet conditions today's Junathon effort consisted of walking around the housing estates in Fairmilehead. There has been quite a lot of developments in the last 10 year or so. I haven't really looked at them properly but today as I needed to go do a long walk I decided to have a nose round them. My word! - so many big and posh houses! I'm not sure what people do with so much space. 5+ bedrooms just seems excessive (unless you intend to run a B&B or you have a particularly large family). Anyway, think of all the housework and cleaning!

I've also never liked how they all look very much the same and what is with the fashion for monoblock! And then there's all the cars - so many that some of these places had tarmaced over the grass for more parking space! And people wonder why we have issues with surface water flooding.
Here was one interesting place that had astroturf instead of actual grass...looked rather weird and more suited for a miniature golf place!

Anyway, as well as posh-house spotting I also spotted the first raspberries of the year. Isn't it a bit early for them? I know brambles come out towards the end of summer but not sure about raspberries. To be fair there weren't many of them ripe but I manage to grab a couple :)

So after all this posh house spotting and raspberry picking, I managed to get home before the rain came on yet again and have managed to get to 20,000!

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