Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Day 7: where it literally pays to go for a run!

I am very glad I went for my rather late run today as just 5 mins into it I discovered £25 lying on the ground! Obviously, I looked around (albeit fairly briefly) to make sure there wasn't anyone looking like they had lost it before gleefully pocketing it. I do feel for the person who dropped said money, it's happened to me a few times,  and I will honour them by trying to spend it wisely :)

The rest of my run was rather good. Instead of doing the usual route round Holyrood Park, I ventured off the tarmac onto the many tracks round the park and Arthurs Seat. In stark contrast to yesterday, the weather has been lovely and I was treated to some lovely views:

You can see why l love Edinburgh so much... This is my back garden! 

Distance :3.4 miles 
Time: 40 mins 
Money found £25

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