Thursday, 22 June 2017

Day 22: pondering the masochistic urge

Aiming to do an average of about 20,000 steps a day is starting to look like one of my not so clever ideas. It's the sheer amount if of your time it takes to squeeze them in. I'm currently at 22,000 at 7pm. I clockes a couple ks before work by parking far away, walked at lunchtime as well as adding some more on a site visit in the afternoon. Walked the long way to my car. Then on getting home going for a 4.7 mile run. My knee hurts, as do my feet.

I do sometimes wonder why I do this. Today I also signed up for next year's Tough Mudder. It will be my 3rd. Hopefully I'll do it without a fractured elbow (unlike last year). The training will be hard. My upper body strength still sucks after many promises to myself I'll get better. But yet I'm determined to do it. I get lots of satisfaction from achieving physical challenges and they are hard as I'm lazy and like partying too much. But I guess it's all about balance. I just need to tip it a little more to the healthier side :)
Run distance :4.7 miles
Time : 48 mins
Tough Mudders signed up for :1

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  1. 10.5 km wednesday night, laziness last night. Tonight, a gentle few km, sciatica irritating me slightly