Monday, 12 June 2017

Day 12: unseasonal illnesses and angry housework

It's June and I have a cold. How utterly unfair. And during Juneathon too! So stuffed up with a sore throat my main exercise has been my walk to work, a lunchtime walk to get painkillers and tissues and an impromptu evening walk cause it looked sunny but was actually quite cold thanks to it being windy (again!).

There was also some angry housework. Angry due the the fact I had hoped that on hearing of my unfortunate state of I'll health, Ian would have taken pity on me and tidied up for me but on coming in from work I found him asleep on the couch in front of the computer. He had fallen asleep in the middle of playing a game! Cue much stomping around angrily putting out the recycling (was rather therapeutic jumping on boxes to flatten them!).
Here is a picture of the crags from the end of my walk... As you can see it looks nice enough but you can see the ever lurking rain clouds just creeping up on the unsuspecting tourists

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  1. After two days of cricket at weekends I'm always too knackered on Monday and end up sleeping as well. My run yesterday was painfully pathetic