Sunday, 11 June 2017

Day 11: Unsurprisingly, a lazy day

Yes, after all my socialising this weekend I have mainly spent today lying on the couch alternating reading a book (finishing 2 and starting 1 other), and dozing.

However, being Juneathon, I did take a break from being lazy to walk round Holyrood Park. Being Scotland in Summer it was very windy, sunny, warm, then cold and raining. I was treated to seeing 3 ladybirds (pictured), and a heron (not pictured as it was too far away for my crappy phone camera). I know ladybirds aren't that exotic but I like them and you really don't see them very much any more.
Oh, and I also did my plank that I should have done yesterday. Only managed about 20 seconds and sneaked into the bedroom to do it so I didn't look weird doing a random plank in front of Ian would has also been lazy and has done nothing but sleep and play computer games today. 

To the stats! 
Distance: 3.4 miles
Time: 50 mins 
Wildlife encountered : 3 ladybirds, 1 heron, lots of swans (as is usual in Holyrood Park ) and many gulls, pigeons and dogs (though they can't really be classed as 'wild' life) 

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