Thursday 1 June 2017

Junathon Revival Day 1

Cathy just happened to share a memory about Juneathon which got me to reminiscing about it and I thought 'I  miss the whole Junathon thing'. Not only that but the proper, old school Junathon when you had to 'jog, log and blog'. I always enjoyed the blogging bit and so I replied I would do it and Cathy said, 'Do it then!' So I am. :)

I will log on Twitter or facebook and blog here on my good old page and share will all my facebook people, whether they want to read it or not!

It's actually pretty good timing as I am doing the Virgin Global Challenge (formally just the Corporate Global Challenge, before Virgin got their marketing mitts all over it and of course, everything must be sponsored by a bit corporation!). Like last year I am team captain of a team of 7 of my colleagues who are all being encouraged to get all fit and healthy by wearing a pedometer for 100 days trying to reach 10,000 steps a day or at least do more steps than they would normally do. So doing exercise for a month doesn't seem too bad. Last year for this challenge my competitiveness saw me walking to and from work several times a week (about 9 miles both ways). And that is for 3 months!

So, even if I am the only one, here's to the start of a successful Junethon!

Oh, almost forgot my stats! a wee lunchtime run today

distance: 3 miles
time: 31mins 10
Juneathons revived: 1


  1. Best of luck! June these days for me is 30 days wild, my running and my nature do coincide though

  2. Welcome back - good luck with the challenge!