Wednesday 15 June 2011

day 15 - getting my lovely legs out!

Getting back to normal, though my bruises are still hurting on downhill impact, as you can see my legs are looking rather pretty at the moment!

As with Janathon, I found with running outside after about half way through I was getting a little bored of doing the same routes over and over again and I'm finding the same this time round. So I went out today with no real route thought out. Before I left I had tones of energy and was dancing around my room to the radio as I got ready. Once I was out I slowly realised that this little pre-run warm-up may have ended up sapping my energy or it might have been the humid day. Ok it was only 17 degrees but since its only been reaching 14 it felt warm to me!! Anyway, what I thought was going to be a nice long run turned into a not particularly fast or long 5-ish miles.
The time it took may also have been due to me trying to have a text conversation with a friend.

To finish, just have to share the lovely mental image of a middle aged man cyclist with the obligatory lycra shorts on doing a bit of a warm up consisting of something that resembled humping thin air by grinding his hips back and forth - I know, not very nice!

Distance: 5.14miles
Time: 49mins18secs
cals: 582
horrible mental image of man in cycle shorts: 1


  1. Ouch! That looks nasty. Hope the cuts and bruises heal soon.
    Is that what people think of me when I run in my compression tights? Oh the trials and tribulations of being middle aged. Boo hoo!

  2. It was more the weird exercises he was doing :) Don't think I'd like to see any male regardless of age doing was he was!

  3. Its not always the age but the circumference of a cyclist in lycra!
    I always find steep downhills painful with out injuries. Hope your legs heal quickly.

  4. Well done for getting out. Your legs are a pretty colour

  5. Nice bruises! I run in compression socks which look weird enough with shorts. Do wonder what people think when I'm doing stretches by the side of the road. That's why Janathon suited more, it was generally too dark for anyone to see!