Monday 20 June 2011

day 20 - the hills are alive with the sound of running

Despite my body still feeling the after effects of a wine-themed weekend I managed to get out for a run this morning before the inevitable rain comes along.

It could have been a much longer run but for two excuses  perfectly valid reasons: a) I was wearing my old and rather rubbish old trainers which I really only used at the gym and started to give me a blister at the 3.5mile mark and b) I was running over the braid hills, which are, unsurprisingly...well, hilly and so gave me a bit of a challenge anyway so didn't feel too bad not running that far.

My well intentioned plans for some serious running this week are being compromised by the continuing rubbish Scottish weather - for the week ahead it looks set to be rain, rain and more rain. Unless I man up a bit and face some wet-weather running, it looks set to be a boring gym-bound treadmill week :(

distance:4.50 mi
Time: 0:44:00
Pace: 0:09:46
Avg Speed 6.1


  1. Lovely run, old shoes or not! I used to hate going out in rain... still not my favorite, but I prefer it over treadmill. And in summer, it can be quite refreshing over beating sun (scary, pelting thunderstorms are the exception). Have a great week!

  2. Don't feel that Scotland is being targetted by the weather-gods, it's heaving it down here in Manchester too! (but then it generally is raining in Manchester!)
    Well done for getting out there.