Tuesday, 7 June 2011

day 7 -

Well, on the running front a pretty decent one. Not very eventful but at least the rain, thunder and lighting waited until later in the day.  I did notice afterwards that my recent, albeit short lived, stint of high heel wearing is resulting in familiar shooting pains in my ankle. Hoping it doesn't develop into anything serious.

In my other main activity of the moment - job seeking - I didn't have such a good day. I actually managed to turn up to an interview a whole week early! BIG FAIL there. Will in future always double check the date and avoid assuming the day referred to is in the current week. (To be fair to myself, the date had been changed and I have had other interviews recently so it got a little confusing!)

well, on to the stats:
distance: 4.56miles
time: 37:42
Avg page: 8.55mi/h


  1. Fab Catherine, one week done!

  2. Are you telling them all about Juneathon at your interviews? How could they possibly turn down a Juneathoner! The world's gone mad!
    Week 1 done - great effort!

  3. Nice run. Good luck in the job search

  4. Surely a week early is better than a week late? Just shows you're keen!