Tuesday, 14 June 2011

day 14 - is it the sunshine or an age thing

Today I was walking less like a shuffling zombie so I thought I would resume my running. Surprisingly it is actually easier to run than to walk, though I had trouble with the downhill part. Being such a nice day I decided to extend it. I went along the Innocent cycle route and back.

Today was also a record for the amount of returned smiles and greetings I got from various cyclists and fellow runners, walkers etc. It made me wonder whether it was on account that the sun was out and was having a cheering effect on people, though I also noticed that the majority of people who do return greetings are over a certain age...maybe the majority of younger people are just rude or grumpy...at least in my part of the world!

Also I managed to turn up to my job interview on the right day and time. I think it went ok though it was via video conference so that was a little off putting at first (I have actually never partaken in a video conference).

Overall not a bad day.

Distance: 6.01miles
time: 57mins 44 secs
Cals: 547


  1. I think age definitely plays a role - I have the same experience with who greets me and who doesn't.

    iPlod users also tend not to greet me as readily as people who don't use it.

  2. Good miles again! Why is the 'Innocent Trail' so named? Sounds intriguing.