Monday, 27 June 2011

day 27 - A perfect run

Now when I say 'perfect', I don't mean that it was a particularly fast or impressive run but rather I really enjoyed it and felt really good at the end. It was also perfect conditions-wise. I was out early before the rain set in and it wasn't hot. I was also running in the Pentland hills which meant fresh air, no traffic, hardly anyone out and beautiful scenery. I was going to do 6miles but was enjoying myself so much that I done an extra couple. This also meant getting to run over grass and winding dirt tracks which made a lovely change from the tarmac. As I said it wasn't a very fast run but there was quite a bit of serious uphill action so was actually pretty pleased with my pace.

Being out the countryside also meant that it was a record day for returned greetings from walkers etc. People are so much more friendly away from the city.

Overall a pretty uneventful run though at one point I almost ran into an oncoming van while I was looking down at my feet. I am hoping he would have honked the horn before he got a chance to run me over.

Also with this decent run I have only got 7.5miles to do before reaching the 100mile mark :)

distance: 8.01miles
time: 1:13:55
calories: 968
avg speed:6.5mph


  1. A run doesn't have to be fast to be perfect, I agree with you that it's the enjoyment factor that makes it good!

  2. just love it when you have a run like that! makes all the slogging on other days worthwhile :) well done on nearly reaching 100!!