Thursday, 23 June 2011

day 23- Well hellooo Mr Postie

Aahhh, the lovely fresh air!! Yep I managed to get outside today in between the banks of rain clouds I got a run round the park and actually saw the sun and some blue skies. 'Twas lovely. I was just going to do a straight forward run today but I noticed I was getting up a good pace so I thought I would stick to a circuit of the park and do a bit of a time trial instead. The big downhill bit halfway through did help but I also managed my quickest 5k time for a while.

I also did my run early this morning in order to catch my postman as I was expecting a package and didn't want it going back to the depot. He usually come just after 11am. I was home at 10am so I figured I had time to do some abs and weights before getting shower. Well, of course I had been in the shower a few minutes when there was a knock at my door - yes the postie was early! So I had to answer the door dripping wet, wrapped only in a towel...The postman look a little surprise but gave me what I thought was a bit of a naughty smile (he was rather cute as well-bonus!). But main thing is I got my package :)

distance: 3.52
time: 29mins45secs
surprised postmen: 1


  1. I could go in all sorts of directions with this but I'll simply say *WIN*! :)

  2. So tempted to make a "package" double entendre! Are we allowed to ask what was in the package?