Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Day 1 - The wind tunnel challenge

In memory of my first Janathon, I started Junathon recovering from a cold. And to add to the fun, my toe is still recovering from a traumatic blister incident from its first marathon experience. 

Due to these conditions I am easing myself into running again. I had a bit of a trial run (oh look - pun!!) in the gym and only managed 20mins on the treadmill before finding it uncomfortable.  For my offical start to Juneathon, I ventured outside for a well loved circuit of Holyrood park.

Now, Scotland has been getting a bit battered by some nasty winds in the last few weeks - It was particularly bad on Edinburgh marathon day (I'm sure it added a good 5-10 mins onto my finish time!). Well, it is still going and Holyrood park is a bit of a wind tunnel, and sadly said wind was not helpfully pushing me along from behind but pushing me back as a struggled to gain some forward momentum, whilst giving me a bit of a bad face-lift look.

Anyway, not too bad for my first outside run since the marathon.
Stats(which were supposed to be from my garmin but I screwed up the settings and forgot to start the timer so this is from previous knowledge and looking at my watch!):

distance: 3.1miles
Time: 30mins
calories: I'm guessing around 300, what with the extra effort for running against the wind.

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  1. There's something really hard about running on the treadmill sometimes to I wouldn't worry too much about the day before... 3 miles in 30 minutes into a headwind is excellent going so am sure you're good for the month. Just remember to start the Garmin next time! :D